Checking Out Pete Evan's Dinner Menu at Heirloom

I used Dimmi a lot to make my dinner bookings because sometimes they have a really good promo such as 50% off the total bill. One day I saw Pete Evans' Heirloom restaurant in the promo list so naturally I couldn't pass up the opportunity and booked a table.

The Heirloom is located at the ground level of the Queens Riverside's Fraser Suites and easily accessible with a lot of street parking surrounding it. The Heirloom's menu was created with the paleo influence of Pete Evans, the Consultant Chef.

The Heirloom's grass fed bone broth with braised beef brisket and vegetables

I wasn't feeling too well so I decided to order a serve of bone broth as my entrée. I thought they would serve the bone broth in a small bowl but the portion that I received was quite big. The broth was really tasty and it contained a lot of diced beef along with some vegetables. This dish was so heart-warming and is a perfect entrée choice for winter or if you're looking for something comforting.

The Heirloom's salmon tartare with crispy nori, avocado, salmon roe and kimchi (GF)

Hubby ordered the salmon tartare with crispy nori, avocado, salmon roe and kimchi. The combination of salty crunchy nori really mixed well with the sour kimchee and salmon tartare. This dish was really easy to eat and delicious, if only there was a larger version of it.

Nasi goreng with chicken, pancetta, prawns, cauliflower rice and free range hens egg (GF)

Nasi goreng with chicken, pancetta, prawns, cauliflower rice and free range hens egg (GF)

I think I ordered a wrong dish for my main because I almost didn't touch it at all and I blamed it all on my sickness (haha). I ordered the Heirloom's version of nasi goreng / fried rice with a twist, where they substituted the rice with a healthier option of cauliflower rice. I tried to eat a bit but I didn't like the aroma of the fried rice and it might be due to strong smell of fish sauce. Hubby tried a couple of tablespoons of my fried rice but it wasn't his cup of tea. I ended up ordering sweet potato chips which came in a very generous portion considering it was a side dish.

I was jealous looking at Hubby's glorius puttanesca, chorizo, olive, tomato, capers and mozzarella pizza and I could tell that he really enjoyed it. The menu said that a paleo option was also available with almond base. While there weren't many pizzas to choose from the menu, this was made up by its crunchy base and tasty toppings.  While overall it was tasty, hubby mentioned that he couldn't taste the chorizo much.

Special dessert of the night from Heirloom Perth

Lastly, we ordered a special dessert that Heirloom served that night in order to maximise the 50% promo. It was a beautiful looking chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce, berry jam, sorbet and chocolate crumbs. This dessert was really delicious and each ingredient blended well when eaten together. When we paid for our bill, the friendly staff made a comment that our dessert wasn't actually in the healthy range but once in a while they want to serve something unusual.

Heirloom was a good venue and it can house a lot of people in one go. On the 17th of February 2016 there will be dinner with Pete Evans that feature a 5 course tasting menu and beverages. If you've been following Pete's journey then you might be interested to go to this event. Tickets can be purchase from here.

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