Dinner at Little Grill Vietnamese Cafe, Vic Park

Hubby asked me to choose a place to have a dinner meeting on Sunday night but most places that I added in my wishlist was closed on Sunday. Then he went on to say that we should try a new place so I could kill two birds with one stone (having a meeting and able to write a review). That was how I ended up at the Little Grill Vietnamese Café on Sunday night with Hubby and CNaf.

Little Grill Vietnamese Cafe Menu

The Little Grill's decoration looked quite modern and as we walked in we were greeted with a wall that was decorated with Vietnamese's straw hats. Wall murals are quite popular with new restaurants these days and the Little Grill has a couple of murals on both sides of their wall. We booked a couple of hours before dinner and we were seated near the wall covered with positive quotes.

There was only one staff working at the lower floor level and she professionally handled around 16 patrons in one ago while keeping her cool! Little Grill used to be known as Little Lang Nuong and the staff informed me that they retained the main chef from Girrawheen as well as a couple of other staff. The price of each meal was realistic and suitable with the portion that we received.

Hubby ordered his usual lychee and jelly drink but when it arrived it was quite hard to drink as it was completely dominated by ice. He literally had to wait for a good 10 minutes for the ice to melt and mixed the lychee and jelly around. CNaf ordered a glass of avocado smoothie and I followed since I haven't had an avocado-sort-of-drink in a long time! The avocado smoothie was very refreshing, even for Hubby who didn't like avocado (scored!!).

Little Grill's Rice paper roll with prawn and shredded pork - $6

We ordered the Vietnamese rice paper roll with prawn and shredded pork. The rice paper roll was firm and quite meaty, we were happy with the quality. The sauce it came with was nutty and spicy and really complemented the flavour when dipped. The Little Grill also provide a DIY rice paper roll selection where customers can create their own rice paper roll (hot water included, of course!).

3 Regions Meat Combination with Rice - $15

Hubby and CNaf ordered the 3 meat and rice dish.  The dish came served with 2 slices of cucumber, rice and 3 varying meat pieces and a small bowl of Nuoc Mam.  the serving of Nuoc Mam was a bit scarce in our opinion but our super waitress happily gave us more when asked.  The meat was decently sized and wasn't too salty.  It especially tasted nice with a dash of Nuoc Mam sprinkled on it.  We felt the overall serving size was just right, not too much and not too little.

3 Regions Combination of Marinated Grilled Pork with Dry Vermicelli - $15

I ordered the dry Vietnamese vermicelli version. All three meats were really tender and tasty, but at first there wasn't much taste to the vermicelli. It took another bowl of Nuoc Mam sauce that I poured over my noodle to remove the bland-ness. 

There's a pleasantness about the vibe at Little Grill and we happily stayed for a few hours chatting. There are a lot more dishes to try from the menu so Little Grill will see our faces and empty tummies more often in the coming future.

Little Grill Vietnamese Cafe Victoria Park Perth
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