Why Inexology?

It was a really easy question to answer because Inex is my real name :-) I have my parents to thank for because they came up with such a unique name. 

My first solo travel was when I had to move to Perth in the year 2000. The food scene in Perth has evolved a lot since then. These days we have various street food / market stalls / food trucks selling cuisine from different countries and kimchi got incorporated into a lot of Western food. 

Social Media Manager Inexology

This blog started in support of small businesses in Western Australia. Ever since its conception, the blog has evolved to cover hotel reviews, travel and food in other countries as well. Food and travel always go hand-in-hand very well.

In my travel I encountered many different and unique food offerings as well that I wrote about in Inexology. Other than enjoying good food, Hubby and I love to travel to see different cultures, historical buildings and museums. Over the years I wrote some travel tips or guides that might be useful for other travelers too.

The food scene around the world has changed a lot too as we see plenty of fusion restaurants. I think 'fusion' is the new norm when it comes to food now. Food is not only something that we eat for survival anymore but it becomes an art, a connector between people and an experience in itself.

In building up Inexology, I met many people who needed help with their social media. I created some free Social Media guides that can be downloaded for free.

“Our biggest dream still stay the same, which is to travel the limitless world and experience different cultures, one stop at a time.”

"Do you have a full time job?"

I do! A lot of people don't know this, but I work in a social media field with a great bunch of people who have been teaching me about photography and social media.

"Did you learn photography?"

My mum bought me my first camera when I was 3 years old. It was an old retro toy camera where I had to put a roll of film in. The camera was able to take photos that resulted in a grid of four different colours (reminded me of Andy Warhol right away).

The next milestone was when my mum gave me her old Pentax so I could pass the Photography 101 class at Uni. I had to take some colour slides photos which was quite a fun assignment to do, except it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be when I had to do it with a manual camera...

Fast forward to 2015, a year where 30 friends crowdfunded a mirrorless camera for my birthday. It was the time where I pushed myself to be more creative and learn to take better photos than before.

Cover Story for Cockburn Gazette 28 March 2017

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