Perth's Lunar New Year 2019: Where to Eat

2019 is the Year of the Pig based on the traditional Chinese calendar. This is the time where Chinese restaurants around Perth are busy serving some of their best dishes to impress their patrons. Coming from an Indo-Chinese culture, my family wasn’t big on celebrating the Lunar New Year. We also didn’t get any red envelopes (angpao) and could only be jealous listening to the stories of our friends that raked in heaps of money from their family members. That aside, the festive Lunar New Year is a perfect time to EAT!

We have gathered five places to check out during the celebrations below.

Grand Orient, The Melbourne Hotel

Grant Orient is going to be 8 months old in February and they’re still a baby compared to other Chinese restaurants around Perth. However, they always serve delicious and fresh Chinese food with delectable flavour. For Lunar New Year, Grand Orient has prepared an a la carte menu as well as the banquet menu. One of the highlights of our visit was the super delish Prosperity Toss, which will be available until the 14th of February.

You can only get a plate of Prosperity Toss during the Lunar New Year season. It’s a communal dish where everyone gets to mix all of the ingredients together and is usually accompanied with fresh raw fish. Grand Orient’s version came with ginger and fresh salmon. One of the comments that I received on my Instagram photo is that the salmon looks really shiny and fresh.


Hong Kong BBQ is a legit Chinese restaurant, famous for its roast pork, roast duck, and BBQ pork. There’s also one thing that is super famous at Hong Kong BBQ: the $8 jar of chilli oil. If you’re a fan of their chilli oil, then it’s a must buy when you visit this restaurant. Even grab a couple for a souvenir!

We really love the Coated Crispy King Prawn with Homemade Mayonnaise Sauce. It’s one of their special Chinese New Year dishes. The king prawn was fresh and huge, the crispy crusts on the outside helped to add extra texture to the tasty dish.


Bambamboo is a great place to mingle and meet due to its central location in 140 Perth. It’s a great place to have noodles, BBQ meats, dumplings and dim sums for your lunch break or after work dinner. Orders at Bambamboo can be made using the iPad provided. Customers will receive a text message on their phone once the orders are ready to be picked up at the counter. Each dim sum and dumplings are freshly cooked every day.

Delicious, affordable, and heaps of variety!

Delicious, affordable, and heaps of variety!

At the moment Bambamboo has a great offer of half-price dumplings! Yes, 50% off selected dumplings daily. This offer is available until early March, so get in quick to try delicious China’s greatest hits dishes at Bambamboo.

Apple Daily, Print Hall

Image by: Apple Daily

Image by: Apple Daily

Apple Daily is the place to enjoy delicious Chinese dishes designed for sharing between families and friends. For the Lunar New Year celebration, they will have a once-off special Suckling Pig Banquet. You’ll be welcomed with a glass of specially made Glass Jade Dragon cocktail and six different dishes. For $55, it’s a very good option to bring your friends and family and celebrate the Lunar New Year festivities here.

Don’t forget to book a table there on the 5th of February since the place is limited. Check out their extensive menu of other delicious dishes too while you’re there.


The newest kid on the block, Shy John, will offer an extravagant Oink Oink Banquet starting on the 4th of February. Since Lunar New Year falls on the 5th of February, you can start the celebration early by booking a table of 6 or 10 at Shy John. Pricing starts from $388 for 6 people or $688 for 10 people. Their special menu will be available for 16 days, until the 19th of February.

Grand CNY Pig Spread. Image: Shy John

Grand CNY Pig Spread. Image: Shy John

While you’re there, order some craft beers to enjoy with your delicious Lunar New Year celebration dishes! Let the swine & dine begin at Shy John!

Hope you guys enjoy reading the recommendation for Lunar New Year celebration in Perth. It’s a great excuse to go out and enjoy various different dishes than the usual sweet and sour pork, or vegetables in oyster sauce ;-). Lunar New Year is a great festive celebration to have after the Christmas season. Definitely plan ahead and enjoy it with a group of people!