Dusit Dheva, Flavour-Packed Thai Restaurant (Invited)

Dusit Dheva sounded very familiar to me since the name reminded me of the former restaurant that used to be there many years ago, called Dusit Thai. Both restaurants served Thai food in a fine dining setting. However, it was the move of the award winning Head Chef Mhee from Galangal to Dusit Dheva that made me wanted to try the place. Last year I visited Galangal and the visit was so memorable with the beautiful roast duck curry as well as the soft shell crab served with watermelon.

Hubby and I visited Dusit Dheva on one Sunday evening for an early dinner. The staff welcomed us warmly and seated us on a table in front of the bar. There was a place card of our names on the table which added that special feeling to the whole dining experience.

From deep blue to purple-ish pink

The first thing that I did was to order the special cocktail that was recommended by Matt. The cocktail was a mixture of vodka, elderflower liqueur, blue butterfly pea flower tea and lychee.

I want another one...!

The uniqueness of this cocktail came from the colour changing ability that butterfly pea has. The liquid will change colour depending on the pH of the liquid that was added into the drink. 

Rose Garden Martini

Rose Garden Martini

When it comes to cocktails, I usually choose it based on the name. I immediately ordered Rose Garden Martini when I saw it in the menu. I didn't even read on what goes into the drink. This pink cocktail consists of sparkling sake, Wyborowa vodka, vanilla, lychee, elderflower, egg white and decorated with dainty rose petal. I love this one so much and will definitely order it again next time!

We were so looking forward to our canapes that Chef Mhee prepared for us. There are three different canapes on the menu and it's a good opportunity to order all three to experience mini bites of flavour-packed Thai food.

Kratong Thong, the special golden basket / golden flowers

I love how they serve the Kratong Thong using the Thai handmade brass mold. This was a light, bite-sized canape. Each basket was filled with minced chicken and sweet corn. The shell was thin and crispy. 

Galloping Horses

The minced duck and cashew nut mixture was served on top of fresh pinapple and mandarin. I like the nutty flavour that the cashew brings in especially when mixed with the sweet and sour flavour from the fruit.

Betel leaves with Poached King Prawns

My favourite canape were the King prawns served on top of a betel leaf. This was served together with sweet ripe mangoes, lime and fresh herbs, topped with caviars. The staff informed us to wrap the whole thing in betel leaf and eat it in one go. We did, it was amazing and full of zest. 

Roast Duck with Spiced Red Curry topped with Basil Leaves

Chef Mhee's roast duck in spiced red curry was soooo delicious! It's a must have when you plan to visit Dusit Dheva. I liked searching for the hidden lychee and cherry tomatoes inside the curry. This dish is perfect to have with rice especially with the rich curry gravy. The duck breast was roasted very well and came with crackly crispy skin.

Twice Roaster Pork Belly

The twice roasted pork belly is another one of my favourite. The pork belly was served on top of refreshing green mango Thai herb salad in caramelised palm sugar and fish sauce. The pork belly was incredible, the skin was so crunchy while the meat in the middle was very tender. 

We were quite full at this time but our second stomach was craving for desserts. 

The Lime Tart was a perfect palate cleanser for the evening. It was light, smooth and mixed well with the vanilla bean ice cream. We also enjoyed the perfect mango sticky rice. It reminded me of my holiday in Thailand. 

Dusit Dheva definitely has their food and service on point. It's a perfect place for special occasions as well as family or group gatherings. The food presentation was really beautiful and the portion was great as well. Dusit Dheva also offers take-away and is available through Uber Eats. We saw a lot of Uber Eats drivers picking up the takeaway bags from the restaurant when we dined there. I can't wait to go back to Dusit Dheva soon to try other flavour-packed dishes on their menu!

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