Odyssea New Spring Menu (Invited)

The girls from Detail always prepared many beautiful and meticulous invitations. This time they dropped off a bouquet of asparagus to the office as an invitation for dinner in celebration of Odyssea's New Spring Menu. Spring is the starting season for asparagus which is also the main hero for Odyssea's new dishes. I took Jeremy with me that night because Hubby had to go somewhere else. 

We were welcomed with a beautiful sunset, a perfect view from the balcony of Odyssea. The owner of Odyssea, Eleanor Hupfer, explained to us that she was planning to replace the outdoor seating with one that has back support for the elderly that frequent the cafe. She was very thoughtful and all throughout the night she came up to us to make sure that we had everything that we needed. 

Tasmanian salmon sashimi, yuzu mayonnaise, pickled ginger, avocado, wakame, soy

When the staff brought in our entrée, we were mesmerised by the colour and presentation of each plate. The colour of the ingredients really matched well in harmony with one another. If you recalled my Bonsai experience then you'd know that I was still a sashimi-eater-in-training. I took another step forward that night by eating delicious Tasmanian salmon sashimi. The black pearls was soy sauce that provided perfect explosion in the mouth when eaten together with the salmon. It's a bit like deconstructed sushi without the sushi rice :-). Everything blended well together. This is the dish that I'll definitely order again.

Woodside goat’s curd, spiced balsamic pickled baby vegetables, citrus & candied hazelnuts (v,n)

The spiced balsamic pickled baby vegetables and citrus was so yummy as well. This was a very refreshing starter, perfect to carry the feeling of spring into the mouth. The candied hazelnuts was an interesting addition to the dish.

One of the prettiest dish was the grilled Australian sea scallops that was served in half shell. On the shell there was truffle cauliflower puree as well as crisp pancetta, a killer combo for this dish!

It was so good that we were seated with some people who didn't mind to share their food. I didn't order the roasted Tasmanian salmon but I was able to try it! The mint, hummus, coriander and the cooked through salmon flesh was really pleasant. The herbs really supported the freshness of the salmon especially with some drizzled lime juice.  

Kangaroo fillet chargrilled, roasted beets, parsnips, baby carrots, horseradish & mustard relish medium rare (gf)

I chose the Kangaroo fillet from the 4 options given as my main meal because I was craving for something meaty. The fillet wasn't overcooked at all and as promised, arrived medium rare. It was a big portion for me and I ended up giving some of the fillet to Jeremy to finish. 

Torbay asparagus, green pea puree, Prosciutto di Parma, courgette, dill, radish, shaved parmesan salad (gf) 

Jeremy ordered the gluten free Torbay Asparagus which he really loved. He vowed to eat more asparagus after he finished the whole dish. His meal was quite light and just enough if you're looking for a light dinner option. The thinly sliced Prosciutto di Parma went well with the torbay asparagus.

Odyssea really ticked everything that I liked about the restaurant: great service, great food, great atmosphere and great food presentation (as a bonus ;-)). Due to the view, the restaurant itself really works for both casual and fancy dinner.

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