Hakata Gensuke Ramen Perth

I was very excited for Hakata Gensuke to open in Perth especially after hearing about it from the Melbourne franchisee. Hakata style ramen was originated from Fukuoka, Japan. The ramen style relies heavily on its cloudy white soup that was created from pork bones (tonkotsu).

Black Tonkotsu

Master Chef Kousuke opened his first restaurant in 2008 and created his secret recipe of Tonkotsu broth. The menu has four different ramen in Tonkotsu broth, from God Fire (spicy), original Signature Tonkotsu, Black Tonkotsu with black sesame paste and fried garlic, and light Shio Tonkotsu. I opted for the Shio Tonkotsu because it's not as 'porky' as other dishes.

The noodle itself was made in-house, in a temperature controlled room. I like how the customer can choose the level of hardness of their noodle. I opted for 'hard' and happy with how the texture of the thin flat noodle. I added the famous spicy pickled vegetables from the jar on the table into my ramen to add a bit of heat.

Other than the ramen, we were impressed with the chicken karaage was served with secret spiced pepper. The gyoza was delish as well and great to have as a side dish.

God Fire Level 4

God Fire Level 4

Andoo chose God Fire since he loved to challenge himself. He went for Level 4, which was the highest on the menu. However, we were informed that the level of spiciness can go up to Level 12. Andoo will be back for a steeper challenge when the queue dies down... 

I like Hakata Gensuke and how they stick well to their origin. It's great to see a Tonkotsu ramen house in Perth. As far as Tonkotsu ramen goes, Hakata Gensuke is definitely set a very high standard. I will be back to get my Shio Tonkotsu again one day ;-)

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