The Flour Factory Perth

I think the amount of time that you visit a restaurant can be a testimony of how much you really like it, just like how we visited The Flour Factory (TFF) twice within the span of one month.

Walking into the TFF, we couldn’t believe that the place used to be a 100 year old flour mill. I like the trendy interior of TFF such as their industrial lighting over the amazing gin bar, wooden tables, flour bags on the gin shelves, comfortable couch and chairs as well as the outdoor area that they have. TFF has their in-house flour mill and they make their own bread.

Our first visit was during a weekday where we were given two glasses of complimentary TFF Vermouth on top of the Aperol Spritz that I ordered. On my second visit, Martin and I decided to try the spin the gin wheel which was a really fun activity. The idea is that a customer pays $10 for the bartender to spin the wheel. Each number on the wheel corresponds to a different type of gin and you might get a really good one. Martin chose the Hayman's Old Tom Gin with the orange garnish where I took the Hendrik's that came with the cucumber garnish.  

Below are some food that we tried at TFF:


Duck Fat Potatoes from The Flour Factory

Martin ordered the crispy duck fat potatoes to be shared among us and it was really tasty. Just like what the menu said, the potato had crispy skin and very yummy when dipped into the bacon mayo sauce. The size of the cut was really easy to eat and it didn’t take long for Keegan, Martin, Andrew and I to finish one serving. I can picture a couple duck fat potatoes being ordered and shared around in a large groups.



Hubby ordered a hot dog to be shared and he was surprised when it didn’t come with any sausage in it. I told him that the menu clearly said three beans with tortilla and jalapeno, plus the menu also has ‘v’ (vegetarian) on it. I like this hot dog because I love my beans and jalapeno but some people might find this too ‘light’ as a gourmet hot dog. Hubby still couldn’t come to terms with it and on our second visit there were two guys at the table next to us who ordered the Chihuahua hot dog. Hubby and I just laughed when one of the guys said, “Where’s the sausage?”.



Hubby's, Keegan's and Martin's

On our second visit, Hubby learned his lesson and decided to order the hot dog of the day called Sheepdog, which consists of meaty lamb sausage, honey yoghurt, cumin, pickled carrots and coriander. The house-made bun was quite soft and easy to eat together with the lamb.  The sausage is quite meaty and can definitely be quite filling when eaten with the bun and fillings (we were told a number of people actually chose to not eat the bun).  The amount of filling in the hot dog was a little scarce since this was a gourmet hot dog.  However Hubby wasn’t complaining it and was satisfied.



One of the reason we came back to TFF for the second time was for this very delicious pizza. It had roasted peanuts, grilled capsicum, red onion, mozzarella and chives and TFF was quite generous with the amount of tender chicken on the pizza. Unfortunately on our second visit, TFF was sold out of this beautiful pizza and we found out from our waiter that we could pre-order everything in the menu a week before our booking. I was so jealous of the table behind us that pre-ordered the pizza in advance. We’d take the satay chicken anytime especially when compared with Rucola.


Rucola Pizza with prosciutto di san danielle 

Since we couldn’t get our hand on the satay chicken, we ordered the Rucola Pizza. Rucola Pizza came with a few slices of prosciutto di san danielle which was a bit sweeter than the normal prosciutto and produced only in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. This prosciutto was made from the pigs’ meat who were born and bred in Italy. The rucola also had shaved parmesan, tomato and rocket on it. Knowing the history of the prosciutto only makes me want to see more slices of it on the pizza although this might increase the price…


Wagyu Rostbiff from The Flour Factory

One of the highlights of our dinner orders was the premium Rangers Valley’s Wagyu Rostbiff cooked in medium rare. We looked at the pinkish meat in awe especially because it was very well cooked. Each bite didn’t disappoint as well since the meat was so tender that it almost dissolved in the mouth. If you like your beef, I’d definitely recommend this dish.

TFF is located at a popular area and it’s advisable to book the premise for dinner especially during the weekend. The booking can easily be done through email to or a phone call to 9485 1711. Parking is easily available through Wilson parking at Queens Complex and at the moment they have a special of $5 if you ‘book-a-bay’ through the Wilson Parking Website.  TFF is a fantastic option to enjoy great food with a wide selection of drinks on offer, with great ambience fitting for a fun night out.

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