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Woodfire Italian Restaurant, Ellenbrook (Invited)

After leaving South Africa, London and Perth's Jamie's Italian Restaurant, Chef Lorenzo Schiaffini decided to create a rustic Italian restaurant at Ellenbrook. From the edge of Swan Valley he pumped out a lot of tender grilled meats, authentic Napoletana pizza, light and heart pasta and delicious desserts. 

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The Flour Factory Perth

I think the amount of time that you visit a restaurant can be a testimony of how much you really like it, just like how we visited The Flour Factory (TFF) twice within the span of one month. TFF is a fantastic option to enjoy great food with a wide selection of drinks on offer, with great ambience fitting for a fun night out.

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Authentic Italian Pizza at Magna Pizza, Fremantle

If you’re after an authentic Italian Pizza, try Magna Pizza at The Mantle and book in advance to secure your dining spot. Their pizza dough rises for at least 36 hours and they also serve other food items such as crepes, sandwiches and cakes. 

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