Alfred's Pizzeria. Barrack St (Invited)

We had a privilege to sit together with the owner of Frisk and Alfred's, Michael Cheang who explained to us about the history of Alfred's Pizzeria.

The heritage building that Alfred's Pizzeria occupied was formerly rented out to Fat Shan Records and it took Michael long enough to refurbish everything according to how he wanted it to look. The wooden planks used at Alfred's was the original wooden planks from the original Yates Chambers that was constructed back in 1897. On the wall you can see real newspapers with sensational headlines such as the JFK assassination as well as some photos of mobsters and gangsters, after all Michael was creating an American-Italian mobster theme bar. 

Michael gave us some in depth knowledge about the making of the pizza at Alfred's. He said that the dough was a blend from different type of flours which they let set for 48 hours in a controlled temperature room, before the dough can be used. All of these came from Chef Ben McDonald and Michael's experimentation through many pizzas that they devoured.

Michael went to Rome to learn more about pizza under Gabriele Bonci's guidance, the 'Michelangelo of Pizza' and there he found the recipe that he wanted to use for Alfred's Pizzeria using best WA fresh produce, cheese (mozzarella made from cow's milk), combination of flour sourced from different region in Italy, tomato sauce and even water (reverse osmosis).

Not oily at all!

Hubby noticed that both pizzas that we tried weren't oily at all, Michael said one of the secrets was in the proper cheese that he used in his pizza. Due to this fact, Hubby ate many slices and commented that he didn’t feel bloated.  The pizza base was very crunchy and really added to the overall texture making it extra enjoyable with each bite.

Diemen's Stinger gluten free hot sauce was available if you want more kicks to your pizza. The hot sauce used Tasmania's wild mountain pepper as the most important ingredient. 

Alfred's Pizzeria will also serve pizza by the slice on a few of their pizza if you're looking for a small taste of what the pizza will taste like. There are 13 pizzas to choose from overall which should be enough to cater for all types of customers.  Michael is really striving for top quality in his pizzas and after knowing the amount of dedication and precision that goes into it, our tastebuds appreciated it.

Alfred's Pizzeria will have a range of cocktails available on the premise as well or you can even try the collection of Cognac that Michael sourced. He said the total cost of those Cognac is more expensive than his own car.

Due to the small premise, Alfred's Pizzeria is really suited for small group socialising and intimate dining & drinking experience. I think Alfred's Pizzeria offers a really good option for city goers especially for late night dining around the area. It's located on 37 Barrack St, just right across Petition.

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