Authentic Italian Pizza at Magna Pizza, Fremantle

Are you ready for a full Italian experience? Magna Pizza will bring you not only a taste of Italy, but the real atmosphere of an authentic italian restaurant. Our pizzas are made fresh using natural traditional ingredients, and our dough rises for at least 36 hours making the pizza extremely digestible.

Jeremy, Andrew and I were planning to visit Run Amuk last night but we ditched it because the restaurant was filled with people and there was even a long queue outside of it. After a short discussion with the guys, they agreed on trying Magna Pizza at The Mantle especially since it was only a short drive from South Trc to The Mantle.

As we entered The Mantle, Magna Pizza can be located right in front of us to the left.  There was seating set  up outside the complex and indoor seating as well. We managed to find a table for 3 despite how crowded the place was and perused through the menu given to us. Magna Pizza had a really extensive menu of woodfired pizza with various combinations of base and toppings. While we were deciding on what to order, I saw some people picked up their take-away pizza box. 

Where we sat was a bit warm due to the proximity to the kitchen but it was also interesting for us to peek at how the pizzas were made in the kitchen. After a long thought process, we all settled on the 'Magna Pizza', 'Tiberio Chicken' pizza and a portion of Garlic Bread.

Garlic Bread from Magna Pizza

The Garlic Bread came quite quickly and it was one of the best garlic bread that we've ever eaten in a while. 3 large slices of bread with garlic paste and herbs were served on the cutting board.  The garlic butter was very rich and had a full flavour whilst not being too strong on the garlic aroma.  I'm curious now about their bruschetta! It was quite some time for our pizza to appear especially with only one person working at the kitchen counter. We saw another staff lent a hand at the kitchen to help quicken the process.

Meaty Magna Pizza

The Magna Pizza itself was simply bursting with flavour from the mixed of lamb, chicken, pork, beef as well as hot salami, bacon and pesto (garlic, parsley, capsicum). It was also a winning pizza of the night if compared with Tiberio chicken pizza. It was tasty to look at as much as it was tasty to eat too.  Toppings and spread of cheese was even across the pizza and no slice felt more tempting than the other.

Tiberio Chicken Pizza from Magna Pizza

Close of up the Cheesy Tiberio Pizza

Tiberio chicken pizza's taste mostly came from the mozzarella and smoked cheese but the taste was quite weak in comparison to the Magna Pizza. The chicken pieces were well cooked and the base/crust had a satisfying thin crunchiness to it. While it was certainly an enjoyable pizza, it lacked a distinct uniqueness about it. 

As a restaurant it's not the biggest pizzeria, however Magna Pizza suits families and large groups perfectly especially since there's a large assortment of different flavours of pizza to order and share. I know that I will definitely order a serve of the ultimate Magna Pizza next time I go there with some friends.

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