Madalena's South Fremantle

Madalena's is a small bar located at South Fremantle that I introduced to a lot of my friends and family members. It's super charming with its warm and wooden vibe, offer delicious food, and also a great hangout place.

I went to Madalena's a lot of times over the past two months. 😝😅 It started with a night drive when I drove past the place with a good friend of mine. "Let's try this place one afternoon," he said. I googled the opening time, Madalena's open until late on Thu, Fri, and Sat.

The first time I stepped into Madalena's was on one Friday afternoon in Autumn 🍁. I went to South Beach beforehand and had some oysters at Sealanes. My friend and I decided to have a drink before we go to our dinner appointments.

I was surprised that Madalena's had Shishito Peppers on their menu, that was one of my go-to-snacks when I was in Japan. I had a can of Boston Afterglose and tried more than a sip of La Sirene's Citray Sour. Both are great sour beers and perfect for the warm afternoon. 🍻

A few days after that great experience, I went back to Madalena's with another friend during my staycation. This time, I got a glass of $10 Aperol Spritz 🍹, their delicious school of prawns 🍤 and cassava, stracciatella with figs and hazelnut, a bowl of frites, and a plate of breaded herring. It was a bit too much between us girls, so we had the leftover fries for takeaway 😎.

If I can count, I've been back to Madalena's for more than 6 times, that some people asked if I work for them. I don't, but I met a guy that wants to work there because the environment was so fun to be in.

Madalena's is big on seafood and wines, so occasionally they have ticketed events for wine tasting party that include a snack or two. The last one that I attended had Latta, a plate of duck parfait, and my fave cassava and prawn!

Madalena's has live music on the weekend, like a live DJ, French gypsy jazz, or Brazilian corinho jazz. It gets packed during the weekend, so the wise thing to do is to hang around from 5 or 6 PM, get a glass of wine or two, and enjoy the atmosphere.

So… “Have you been to Madalena’s yet?” 🙋

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