Once for All, Harrisdale

Once for All is a bubble tea shop located at Harrisdale Shopping Centre. It’s famous for its soy milk boba tea, which is an excellent alternative for people with lactose intolerant like me. It’s not until yesterday that I realised that Once for All is more than just a bubble tea shop.

🍹 Real ingredients. Real flavour.

A group of friends and I went to Once for All after a baby shower’s celebration. I was so keen on the cucumber lychee drink that they sell there because the flavour is so refreshing 😆. The staff at Once for All was, and now I know what differentiates them from most of bubble tea shops.

Once for All use a lot of real fruits in their fruity drinks, which makes the initial cost of making the drink quite expensive. Especially if you go for something like Banana Dragonfruit.

Banana Grapefruit Drink from Once for All, Harrisdale

This drink is made using banana and dragonfruit. We all know that dragonfruit is a super expensive fruit to use. Once for All didn’t skimp on ingredients, you can really taste the dragonfruit in this drink! 💙

I love the Banana Dragonfruit, but unlike Sharon, I prefer my Pinky Guava. Pinky Guava looks super pretty when the staff handed it to me. If you love guava, this is the perfect drink for you. The guava flavour will transport you to a tropical place right away. If you’re not too keen on cream, feel free to ask the staff to remove the cream from the topping.


Now, here’s the famous Boba Soy Milk (warm). If you usually go for original milk tea at other bubble tea shop, try out Once for All’s version of their famous milk tea.

There is no added sugar in this drink, so don’t choose this one if you’re looking for a sweet drink. The fact that the drink doesn’t have added sugar really attracts me. 💕 And lactose intolerant out there, rejoice because you can definitely drink this one!

It’s a bit of a trek if you don’t live near Harrisdale, but this place is definitely worth the try 😊. Especially after learning about all of the information behind the beverages at Once for All. If you’re not sure about what to get, just inquire with the staff about the flavour profile that you want. They will be able to help you out.

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