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Andly Private Kitchen, Leederville

Every aspiring chef will want to have his own restaurant as part of his life's achievement and for one chef, Andly Li, that dream has come to fruition in the form of a Private Kitchen in Leederville. Here is our impression of the special menu that Chef Andly prepared for us.

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Blinco Street Cafe, Fremantle

Blinco Cafe lends itself to playfulness and being laid back too with a plush toy of Homer Simpson sitting at one of the tables. There are colourful cushions, paintings on display and music ranging from upbeat jazz, Gregorian chant to the relaxing sounds of Enya. It's hard to describe but this place is playful, colourful, charming and chilled all in one package.

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The Petition Kitchen at the Cathedral Square

It must be an amazing feeling for Adrian Fini from FJM Property to see his dream became a reality with the opening of the Petition on the 1st of October. The Petition is the first food scene at the State Buildings with separate sections for the wine bar, beer hall and restaurant which goes by the name Petition Kitchen.

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