Happy 1st Birthday, Sprolo!

The first of many to come :-)

I went to Sprolo with two other people (Andrew & Jeremy) to celebrate their first birthday (which was also the Blacklist Coffee Roasters' birthday). Sprolo planned the event really well and rolled out the Facebook (FB) invitation as well as the special birthday menu on their FB page.

We arrived at 9AM and the cafe was quite packed! Fortunately a couple just finished their meals and we quickly snatched the table for three (yay!). I lined up and ordered two Singaporean breakfasts and one curry dish. One of the staff dropped off a plate of satay on our table and we told him that we didn't order any, but I went back to the counter to order the satay seeing that it the peanut sauce looked so awesome. 

Mum's curry and two Singaporean breakfast

Our meals came promptly together with our coffee and oh boy, the house made kaya jam was to die for! I should have bought a jar when I was there. The sous vide eggs was cooked really well, it was so tasty when mixed together with pepper and soy sauce. I always have a soft spot for Singaporean breakfast and Sprolo didn't disappoint! My friend took the breakfast to a higher level by spreading the butter, kaya jam and eggs on his toast... 

The curry dish was mild for us but some people might find it a bit spicy. The chicken was easy to eat and well infused with the curry flavour. The curry was enjoyable especially when we dipped bread into it. 

The peanut sauce for satay was really good. We've tried satay at some other places before but they didn't have authentic taste of peanut sauce. I wish they have the satay as part of their permanent menu... 

Sprolo has a retail shelve that displays all of the Blacklist Coffee Roasters beans, cookies, jams and other assorted food varieties. We walked around the cafe while listening to nostalgic dance tunes from the 90s. 

We had a good experience with our food and friendly service. Sprolo has some awesome decorations such as disassembled Fender electric guitars displayed on the wall and cool VOX speakers (very jealous). We were also impressed with the long communal table located in the middle of the cafe. We will definitely be back for some more Singaporean breakfast!