Timber Cafe, Harrisdale

Having a tasty breakfast on the weekend can be considered quite a luxury. However, there are some breakfast places where the price of food can't be justified with what is served to customers. Fortunately I stumbled upon Martin Eade 's review of Timber Cafe. After drooling at some photos and saw Timber Cafe's IG photo of the mushroom dish, I made it my mission to go there on one weekend. 

It was worth the 30 minute drive from my place and I was so happy to be able to see many Kokenests in real life (by the Birds Nest Co)! I loved the beautiful string of pearls plant (note: quite toxic when ingested). 

OJ from Pressed Earth & Hot Chocolate

We arrived at around 9:30 AM and chose the small table near the counter as the place was quite busy in the morning, which was always a good sign to see. The table we had chosen was in an unfortunate position because we soon realised that it was right next to the queue of customers. This meant that other customers were standing right next to the the left side of the table where one would feel like you're being watched while eating. This isn't such a big deal overall as there's plenty of other tables evenly spaced out across the venue. 

After placing our orders we were given block letters instead of table numbers, a nice little touch that's cute and playful. Waiting for the food to be made wasn't a bore as groovy tunes were being played. Definitely noticed a few heads bobbin' to the beat (smiles).

Five types of mushrooms!

Huevos Rancheros

About 15 minutes later the heavenly smell of mushrooms came out from the kitchen and I was thinking to myself that the Chef was probably making my ordered pan fried mushroom. Presentations for both dishes were really good, sesame seeds were scattered around the mushroom dish to make it prettier. There were 5 types of mushrooms in the dish: swiss brown, field, enoki, shimeji and brown mushroom. All five were mixed well together and tasted so delish with the combination of dukkah, herb butter, goat curd and rocket salad. 

As for the taste, my hubby who doesn’t usually eat mushroom really liked the pan fried mushroom and even swallowed some enokis… The huevos rancheros was really fun to stir in together with the spiced chilli ragu and chili salt powder gives the egg the extra flavour. The menu promised 62 degree egg and they certainly delivered, we were really happy about this.

Timber Cafe is located next to Bunnings and school area, so I assumed a lot of parents must be really happy with the addition of a local cafe there. Like its namesake, the premise utilised a lot of the 'timber' aesthetic. This is evident from their tables, chairs and outdoor benches as well. I walked around the cafe admiring some Kokenests and found that they served free sparkling & regular water. Timber Cafe supplied some of Pressed Earth cold pressed juice and they had beautiful pastries on display in the morning. I will try their croissants next time!