Hagun's 30th Birthday Dinner: The Squire's Fortune

It's a shame that birthday dinners can't be enjoyed everyday so when an opportunity to have another free meal appeared, of course I wouldn't say no! This time it was with a group of 11 other people for a good friend's 30th birthday celebration. 

Hagun's 30th birthday celebration (yeay!)

He decided to order some entrees and main to be shared around. Each food was presented really well and certainly raised our excitement to eat. It was quite unfortunate that it didn't taste as good as it looked... The best meal of the night were fresh spinach & rocket salad that was served with orange as well as wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream. The same can be said with our desserts that looked so beautiful when it arrived, but didn't fare with what we expected. 

From the grazing menu we had a bowl of chips and wedges, meat board platter, homemade pork sausage roll, sliders, calamari. We also added rocket & spinach salad just to add a bit of a healthy dash into our dinner. For main we had sticky pork belly, lamb shoulder, wanton ravioli, beef cheeks, and catch of the day. We chose three out of four desserts from the menu which were choux pastry with coffee ice cream, peanut crunch (with peanut sorbet) and ginger orange creme brulee. 

There wasn't much to write about service since we only had minimal interaction with staff and the most intimate engagement was when we ordered our food / drinks at the bar. From what I noticed, none of us was asked about how the food was and if we needed our bottles of water to be topped up. 

The premise was decorated really well with wooden accent walls, ropes on the ceiling, wooden tables and leather chairs. The beer was always good at James Squire especially the refreshing pear cider that never failed to entertain. However the winter menu was quite a disappointment for us. 

In summary, The Squire's Fortune is a very good place for catch up with some friends over ciders or beers (one fifty lashes anyone?) and decent food, but there are definitely a lot of better places to get good food.

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