Blinco Street Cafe, Fremantle

If you're looking for a nice chilled place to have a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch or get together with friends, Blinco is a great option.

Located on 19 Blinco Street in the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre, you won't find this unique venue among any markets or close to other food destinations, but rather it's tucked away in its own little world which adds to its charm.

Car parking can be rather difficult as it's a small place but they have kindly put up a sign advising where patrons can find parking. The owner and staff are chirpy and very friendly.

The place itself lends itself to playfulness and being laid back too with a plush toy of Homer Simpson sitting at one of the tables. There are colourful cushions, paintings on display and music ranging from upbeat jazz, Gregorian chant to the relaxing sounds of Enya. It's hard to describe but this place is playful, colourful, charming and chilled all in one package.

We ordered the fried rice (nasi goreng) and I was asked whether I want some chicken to be served together with it. I said yes to the offer and imagined some shredded chicken mixed with my nasi goreng.

The Nasi Goreng was well presented and tasted very nice and to my surprised, the chicken was two big pieces of tender satay chicken skewers. 

Steak Sandwich

The steak sandwich felt a tad ordinary but the side of chips it came with was crunchy. Wood fired pizzas are available on Fridays.

We explored further within and found a stage for music performance at the back.  This is reflective of the vision owner Stephanie Hendricks has, to introduce local musicians and artists to a wider community, which make Blinco more than just a cafe.

Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during our lazy Sunday brunch at Blinco and wouldn't mind bringing a bigger group next time for a hangout.

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