Missy Moos Burgers at Fremantle

One of our friends purchased the Groupon deal for Missy Moos Gourmet burger so we went there on Monday, right after work. We arrived around 630PM which was just the right time before a wave of customers starting coming in.

The menu had a good range of burgers to choose from but we eventually opted for two humpty dumpty, one jack and the beanstalk (V) and a two little dickie birds burgers.  I love how all the burgers at Missy Moos were named after children’s fairy tales and nursery rhymes which really suited with the theme/décor.

The True Story of the Cow that Jumped over the Moon

Speaking about the décor, I really liked how at Missy Moos it made me feel like we were in a mini barn and at the moment the shop is undergoing slow renovations to perk it up even more.  There were only two people working during the night but they were quite effective because our orders came quite quickly. The girl who served us was very friendly as well which was always a bonus.

I quickly took some photos when our burgers came especially since we were really hungry. One peculiar thing that I noticed was that there was a distinct absence or lack of the promised Missy Moos’ relish despite it being in the menu description. There was nothing wrong with the bun and the filling but the relish wasn’t evenly distributed and we saw some patches of relish only on a couple of burgers. Our sweet potato chips were really crispy although it came with a bit too much salt for our liking.

With the competitive burger scene in Perth, customers know what a good burger taste like. I think there are other places who serve better burgers and at a better price. Fortunately this time we were able to use our voucher and paid less compared to what they usually charged.  With that being said, it’s still good to know that there’s a decent burger place around this particular area of Fremantle.

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