Core Cider House: Pickering Brook

After Asado, we booked the Core Cider House to celebrate Hubby's birthday celebration part 2, where he could celebrate his birthday with his close buddies. I found out about this place through Terence and Lara from Gran Tourismo Travels. I was in touch with Melinda Hellings and Rochelle Clark, they helped with the smooth process of booking. 

The weather was extremely hot when we went there and the staff had set up an outdoor small marquee that can fit 20 or so people. For customers who are not too keen to sit outside but still want to enjoy the view, there's also an indoor area that Core Cider House provides.

We saw a lot of families with their picnic blankets on the green grass and kids running around here and there. This place was definitely perfect for family day out! The view was also beautiful as you'd be able to see rows and rows of lemon, pear and apple orchards. 

Core Cider's menu offered the recommended cider pairing and almost everyone opted for that option. Chris and I decided to try the cider tasting paddle (might as well!). I really loved the sour and refreshing flavour of Pith'd, their sparkling lemon. Another one that everybody seemed to go for was the COREreactor which offered the combination of pear and apple cider.

As for food, we ordered a few of the sourdough, gorgonzola arancini and CORE platter which consists of olives, feta, honey chorizo, prosciutto, salami, and sourdough. The winner out of all three (if there was any competition) was the cheesy arancini!

A couple of our guests ordered some salads but most ordered The CORE (Pork Belly) and lamb cutlets for their main meal. 

The CORE (Pork Belly)

We had a mixed review of the pork belly since some people had a really tender and easy to cut meat while a few others and I found the meat really chewy. The crackling on the pork was perfect and we had no complaints about it!

House Spiced Lamb Cutlets

The lamb cutlets were really delicious, I really enjoy every bite of it and they were quite generous with the dressing too. The lamb was really juicy and very easy to eat with a side of potatoes. I definitely will order this dish again when I visit the Core Cider House.

When Hubby paid for the lunch meals the staff offered him a free ice cream cone because it was his birthday, what a good end to his birthday celebration. I asked him whether he asked for another one but he said he was too embarrassed to do so (hahaha).

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