Perth Night Noodle Markets 2016

Only 3 days left until the Good Food Month: Night Noodle Markets lifts off from Elizabeth Quay. I really like the market especially after my second visit. Yes, most stalls had a really long queue but it was part of the fun of going to a night market.

The lantern garden, Yalumba’s shipping container bar and the backdrop of the 29-metre Spanda looked really beautiful during the night time. Elizabeth Quay was a perfect venue for the market as people can take their purchased food outside and find some spots to seat with a beautiful view of the Swan River.

Here’s a recap of what we tried at the Night Noodle Markets:


Last night the spotlight fell upon Bao Stop’s stall with their very long queue. After queuing for so long it seemed that everyone decided to get the famous Peking duck fries and a set of Bao Trifecta (my favourite is still the fried chicken topped with red sugar chili jam).


From the photo that I saw on Instagram, it seemed that the Sakura burger with pink icing received more love than the green yuzu burger with okonomiyaki. I heard a lot of mixed reviews that people weren’t so keen on the mixture of sweet and salty flavour but I really like the combination of the sweetness from pink icing mixed with crispy ramen battered chicken then drizzled with Japanese curry.


Hoy Pinoy’s Inihaw (skewers) gained a lot of fans especially with their very addictive Inihaw na Baboy (pork belly skewers) glazed with banana ketchup. Hubby went back to the markets specifically to get the pork belly skewers while my other two friends braced the queue twice for the skewers.


I took some photos of LKCH x Daintys stall before buying their beef curry when Owen said hi to me. He offered me some samples of the bang bang beef shoulder curry and the chicken adobo but the most important thing was when he told me I could get everything on my plate for $20. So I changed my initial plan and went with the $20 mega combo instead (yay!). 


The famous Watermelon Cake

I have to repent because like any other people, I went to this stall too many times. One of the reasons was probably because I know that I won’t see them again around Perth after the Night Noodle Market.

Last night I was in the middle of the queue to get the Ferrero Reveal and my friend’s order of a watermelon cake when they announced that they sold out of it. It was only around 8 PM or so! So if you’re keen for the watermelon cake, it’s better to visit this stall first before eating anywhere else especially since there’s only 3 days left ;-)


Grilled corn cob went viral last night as I saw too many people carrying one. Hubby really wanted one so I queued up for this. Other than the grilled corn cob they also sell grilled chicken marinated in their house-made special sauce (which I didn’t get to try). The corn cob was a bit too salty for my liking though. 


I was so excited when I heard the Pasar Malam’s stall had nasi lemak sliders on their menu, so during my second visit to the Noodle Markets I lined up at their stall straight away. I really like it because 1) it was so easy to eat after I pressed down the top part of the slider and 2) it was like eating a mini portion of nasi lemak since the slider has anchovies, cucumber, onion sambal and even boneless Nyonya fried chicken! Also, here's another good slider: pork belly satay with peanut sauce:

POrk BElly slider has onion rings, cucumber, peanut sauce, sandwiched in charcoal brioche bun


On Mary’s recommendation, we tried the chicken satay and chicken wings from Roti Road.

I liked how they had a full view of chicken satay grilled on charcoal so people could see what’s going on in the makeshift kitchen. The chicken satay was very tender and came with a generous amount of peanut sauce.  


Now, here’s the option of vegan food that you can find at the Night Noodle Markets. Mei from Turban Chopsticks treated us to a whole range of delicious food starting from San Choy Bow and Sweet Corn Fritters to the delicious Banana Fritters with house-made coconut yoghurt. For non-vegans, there’s a delicious butter chicken curry with potato ricotta koftas available at Turban Chopsticks. 

The Fairfax’s Perth Night Market will continue at Elizabeth Quay until Sunday the 10th of April. The event was presented by Yalumba, Citi Australia, Cathay Pacific, Coopers Brewery, Thatcher’s Cider, Nova 937 and WA Today’s Good Food Month.