Ka'ribbean Corner at the Food Foundry (Invited)

Chef Ruddy Doutau from Ka’ribbean Corner contacted us two weeks before our holiday to Singapore to arrange a Caribbean food feast at the Food Foundry. The Food Foundry is similar to the Mantle, it’s a hub for chefs who want to dip their fingers into the restaurant business.

The food at Ka’ribbean Corner was definitely packed with different flavours originating from Africa, Europe, India and Asia regions, along with Ruddy’s home town of Guadeloupe. If there’s one woman who influenced the former aircraft engineer’s style of cooking, it would be his grandmother and the homage to her can be found in the Ka’ribbean Corner’s logo. 

We really loved each meal that Ruddy churned out for us especially with his personal and friendly service to his customers as well. You can ask Ruddy anything about the food and he’d be more than happy to explain it. Just like his outfits, each meal that came out onto our table was really colourful. 


We started with delicious array of entrée such as Trinidad Double (flatbread with curry chickpeas), Fire Chicken Wings, Honey & Paprika Wings and Sweet Potato Accras (fritter). Ruddy also provided us with the creole, ginger & lemon and peanut sauce on the side but time and time again I chose the K’C Chili sauce that gave a hot kick for the food.


For our main, we had seven different dishes on our table! My personal favourite was the K’C braised lamb which was superbly tender and marinated well in sweet sauce. This dish came with delicious black bean rice.

Both crispy fish and grilled fish fillet came with a mount of salad, very fresh and delicious.

Goat curry was very hearty :-)

The Caribbean style goat curry received a lot of love as well and it didn’t take long for all 6 of us to finish the whole pot of curry. The richness of the sauce paired well with the juicy red meat and was so yummy when mixed together with steam rice!

The smoky grilled jerk chicken breast and salad was another winning dish. The marinated meat was very flavourful and definitely tender. The chicken can be easily eaten everyday (yum!), the same with the charcoal jerk-boucane that Ruddy made.

The last chicken dish that we had was the K’C chicken meal was marinated for 24 hours before Chef Ruddy threw it inside the oven. It was sweet and very easy to eat because the flesh was tender. This dish came together with delicious basil & thyme rice.


Coconut caramel plantain was a new dessert menu at K’C and we had a mixed review about this. Some people love the coconut cinnamon ice cream while others not so much but the fried plantain with caramel sauce was very enjoyable! Unfortunately the caramel sauce wasn't that smooth and a couple of us had a hard time cracking the hardened sauce.  

Everyone’s favourite dessert of the night was the chili chocolate fondant served with allspice ice cream. It wasn’t too spicy but just enough for everyone to taste the hint of chili in the gooey chocolate.

Lastly we washed everything down with a glass of cool mango sorbet, a perfect tropical dessert to close off the night at K’C.

Ka’ribbean Corner has a hot sauce with good kick available on the site and a take home bottle will cost you about $14. It’s a good idea to put the hot sauce on the side first before you drizzle it on your food.

Ka’ribbean Corner will be available at the Food Foundry from Wednesday to Sunday. If you’re really hungry, KC Showcase costs $39 per person and it will allow you to try dishes from Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Guadeloupe and other islands in one sitting.

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