Spotted: Noodle Markets Mafia

The "Noodle Markets Mafia", a term coined by the big 4 stalls that travelled around Australia with the aim to bring more variety to each state's good food month events, in particular the Night Noodle Market.


People stopped us and asked questions about the Bao Trifecta, the main attraction of the Bao Stop.

Bao Trifecta consists of 3 good looking baos:

  • Peking Duck Bao - Crispy skin Peking duck, crisp cucumber with spring onion and Peking sauce
  • Fried Chicken Bao - Taiwanese fried chicken topped with red sugar chilli jam, carrot, spring onion and Bao Stop’s signature chilli mayo
  • Braised Pork Belly Bao - Braised pork belly with Bao Stop’s hoisin sauce, fresh coriander, roasted peanuts, pickled mustard greens and Taiwanese mayonnaise
  • (Also available is a Fried Tofu Bao option)

My favourite out of the three baos was the spicy fried chicken bao, so yummy for a chilly night and you'll be able to taste the spicy kick from it.

We also tried the Peking duck fries, a bucketful of fries topped with spring onions and a good amount of duck. Here's a creative twist to the normal wrapped Peking duck with hoisin sauce! 


The first photo that we posted on FB was of their yuzu burger with pandan glazed over the burger bun! This was also the first thing that was sold out on the opening night, so we settled for the Sakura burger.

Delicious pink burger

The bun was glazed in eye-popping pink icing which gave out sweetness and umami flavour when eaten together with the crispy chicken ramen curry. It was served in a mini bucket filled with miso butter pop corns. 


These giant satay or meat skewers (inihaw) will be located next to the BSP X N2 at the Night Noodle Market. They will be offering BBQ pork belly with banana ketchup glaze and BBQ Chicken. 

Both meats were very enjoyable since both were quite tender and it was a good experience to eat meats on giant skewers, made me feel a bit barbaric on the night (rawr!!!!!)

BSP X N2 (Black Star Pastry x N2 Extreme Gelato)

The famous watermelon cake finally made its way to WA! Other than the famous watermelon cake, BSP and N2 created a new menu called the cake smash gelato. 

It was basically a gelato version of BSP's watermelon cake and I could vouch for its deliciousness! The best way to eat this is to drip some watermelon juice from the dropper and mix the whole thing together including the edible flowers. You'll be able to taste the tiny watermelon pieces in between the gelato (yum!)

Question: do you prefer the original form of watermelon cake or the cake smash gelato? ;-)

The Perth Night Market will be opened at Elizabeth Quay until Sunday the 10th of April. The event was presented by Yalumba, Citi Australia, Cathay Pacific, Coopers Brewery, Thatcher's Cider, Nova 937 and WA Today's Good Food Month.