RiceField by Homecooked at Cockburn Central

I haven’t picked up my husband from the Cockburn Train Station after work for more than two months so I was surprised with what I found when I went there yesterday. I saw two new restaurants with a sign ‘opening soon’, a sushi train place and a MSG-free Malaysian / Singapore restaurant called Ricefield by Homecooked. Miss L from The Engineer Eats actually recommended the last restaurant to me during our meet up a few weeks ago at Mister Walker.

Found it: RiceField by homecooked.

I told my husband that we’d change our scheduled salad night to another day (much to his delight) because I was so keen to try Ricefield. We walked from the carpark to the restaurant and we only saw one customer who was waiting for his food. The owner greeted us and explained to us what was on the menu with the range of dishes and specials on offer.  The owner explained that each vegetarian and meat dish comes with rice but they also have platters to share if we want to try more than one dish.

Platter for 2 with drinks - $35

I opted for a platter for two with drinks that ended up costing around $35. My platter came with coconut and jasmine rice, fried chicken, sambal prawn, assam fish, sayur lodeh (mixed vegetables curry), beef rendang, sambal goreng (tofu & green beans) and curry chicken. Our favourite dish was the sambal prawn and when I mentioned this to Amy (the chef & lady boss), she explained that the sambal prawn recipe was her mother in law’s recipe. In fact most of the recipes was received from the husband’s family lineage up to the husband’s grandmother.  It’s really great to hear that there’s a lot of history in the food and very personal too. Hubby really liked the curry chicken’s gravy and he kept on covering his rice with extra gravy.  

Ice Bandung and Cold Kopi Tarik from RiceField Cockburn

The drinks that I ordered was Iced Bandung and Cold Kopi Tarik (milk coffee). The Iced Bandung was a bit bland and lacking in syrup but we can easily ask the owner for more syrup. The cold kopi Tarik had a good balance between the coffee and milk.

In Asian families, we usually have a lot of variety of dishes and the platter really brought back the homecooked feeling especially when eaten for dinner. Hubby and I really liked the place and will definitely try their nasi lemak next time. Another great reason to force hubby to get picked up at Cockburn central station hehehe.

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