Hurricane's Grill, Hillarys Boat Harbour

We were over the moon when we heard that the famous Hurricane's Grill opened in Hillarys and excitedly arranged a family night out to go there and try it. I made a booking a day before our dinner and easily found a spot. There was a note that popped up during my booking which said that we were only allowed seating time of 90 minutes and no BYO  cakes and drinks. All noted and we were so ready to have a really good dining experience. 

Finding a parking spot at Hillarys was always really easy during weeknights and within a 10 minute slow walk we arrived at our destination. Hurricane's was replacing the premise formerly known as the Hippo Creek.

The décor remained largely unchanged from what we can see and it appeared they mainly just replaced the logo to "Hurricane's Grill", although I could be wrong. 

Hurricane's Grill - Mac 'n' Cheese

Since we were so looking forward to the dinner, we opted for the mixed BBQ platter with a side of sweet potato chips and the full rack of pork ribs with chips. Then one of my cousins spotted a bowl of $13 Mac n Cheese so we decided to add that into the mix. Since Perth has been quite windy and cold, a heartwarming Mac 'n' Cheese would be a good dish to eat together.

Hurricane's Grill - Ohayo Cocktail

I usually ordered the classic Ohayo cocktail from Hurricane's whenever I ate their ribs in Sydney so I ordered the same thing to re-live the whole experience. Ohayo consists of watermelon liquor, crushed ice, lime slices, lychees and Hibiscus flower. The cocktail itself was quite light, refreshing and not too overly strong. The bartender made the cocktail really quickly but unfortunately it was left on the bar's bench for quite some time before the wait staff saw it.

Hurricane's Grill - BBQ platters

Our BBQ platters consisted of chicken wings, lamb cutlets, pork ribs, beef steak and a bowl of sweet potato! Everyone's favourite was the lamb cutlets which was cooked perfectly and very tender. The beef steak was cooked according to how we wanted it but the meat was chewy. The glazing on the ribs was enough but there was nothing special about it.

Hurricane's Grill - Pork Ribs (Full Rack)

The ribs were quite salty and Hubby preferred the Hurricane's in Sydney.  He mentioned that the one in Sydney was not only cheaper by $6 across all meal items but also that the meat was more tender and less chewy.  Maybe it's just the hype but Hurricane's didn't "wow" us as it did when we tried it in Sydney. Having said that however, we still enjoyed our ribs it's still a great place for some good eating.

Hurricane's Grill - Sweet Potato Chips

The highlight of the night was a good bowl of the sweet potato chips with perfect crispiness. We probably go to Hurricane's again just for their lamb cutlets, sweet potato chips and good cocktail!

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