Chimek Alert! Gami at Shafto Lane

I assume every Chimek’s (chicken & mekju / beer) place will be successful because who doesn’t like beer and fried chicken, right? We went to Gami Chicken last night at Shafto Lane after our friend Vivien suggested the place and it was easy enough to find a table for 3 on a busy cold summer night.

The menu at Gami was really simple to follow and we decided straight away on the boneless chicken (no mess) in Soy Garlic and Sweet Chili. I really like how Gami allowed customers to order two different flavours of their chicken in one set because then customers won’t get too sick of eating too much chicken in sweet chili sauce.

Snow Beer

Due to the cold weather we also ordered a bowl of spicy soup which was quite odd because both of my dining companions couldn’t handle spices very well. They also added kimchi pancake to the order. I found a lot of ale in but what made me really pleased was that Gami was selling the Snow lager beer. I like pairing fried chicken with the crisp and the light bitterness of Snow beer so I ordered one straight away.

Gami's Kimchi Pancake

Gami’s kimchi pancake although quite thick and not crispy on the outside, was filled with kimchee and well cooked. The pancake was served on a hot pan which kept it warm for quite some time and can be shared between 3-4 people. We really enjoyed this and will be ordering another one when we visit Gami.

Gami's Spicy Seafood Soup

The spicy red soup was filled with different types of seafood, cabbages and sweet potato noodle. The soup was definitely spicy if you can’t really handle your chili but the broth was quite rich. The big bowl of soup can be shared between 2 or more people depending on the amount of extra dishes that you ordered. I only wish there were more sweet potato noodles in the soup.

Gami - Boneless Chicken with Sweet Chili & Soy Garlic Sauce

When the chicken arrived we looked at the portion and thought that it was quite small since it was being shared between three people, especially if we didn’t order any appetiser / soup. Our boneless chicken was a 750 gram mix of breast and thigh fillet. It was very tasty with the crispy skin and tender juicy meat on the inside. The sauce wasn't too overpowering and I will try the spicy chicken next time! All the fried chicken came with daikon and cabbage salad but no one really touched the cabbage salad. Gami had an option to put additional sauce on the side for an extra $2 which would be a great option if you want to try another flavour.

We had an enjoyable night at Gami and the service was really good as well. All the staff seemed to be friendly even during a busy and cold night. Gami will definitely be another good Chimek place to go to on top of the one that Perth already has (Sun BBQ & Chimek Fremantle).  Always great to see more Chimek places popping up and recommended for those who haven’t given it a try yet.

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