Chimek, Freo Markets

Chimek in Style. Source: My Love from the Star (SBS)

Chimek is a shortened term of chicken and mekju (beer) and some places in Asia were in a craze over Chimek after the released of “My Love from the Star”, popular drama in South Korea. People caught up with the trend really quickly and many fried chicken restaurants reported increase in profits. 

When I heard that a Chimek stall opened up at Fremantle Market I got so thrilled and couldn’t wait to try. We were waiting for the hype to die down, but Chimek must have done something right since I saw more feeds about it on Instagram. 

One morning in August, hubby and I decided to go on our Fremantle Markets Day. We live quite far away from Fremantle, so we had a day where we roam the markets from morning until afternoon to try out different food. To be economical, we usually go halves on our order.

That morning I ordered my first charcoal beef burger, in addition to the Gochujang (red pepper paste) chicken wings and a can of Milkis. Plastic knives were available on the site, so it was pretty easy to cut the burger in half. Disposable gloves were freely available too and I thought to myself whether it would be useful to keep some in my bag so it can be taken out whenever I need to eat food with my hands (hahaha).
I will come back for more chicken wings next time and to try the pork cranberry burger! 

What I ordered at Chimek:

The charcoal burger’s beef patty was really tender and yummy, especially with the mixture of mushroom and balsamic onion jam in it. The whole burger itself tasted like a regular burger. 

The Gochujang chicken wings were tender but not spicy and it was served with some pickled cubed daikon. I had a lot of fun tearing the the chicken apart, mixing it with a cube of daikon and eating it with hands. I had a chat with hubby and he agreed that one serve of chicken wings can be a bit too much because of Gochujang sauce sweet flavour.

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