7 Grams Fried Chicken

The battle of fried chicken is getting more fierce with the humble contender who quietly snuck into the chimek game: 7Grams. I was intrigued to try their fried chicken after I saw some photos on Instagram because who honestly can resist fried chicken, especially when the weather gets colder.

I went there one Sunday morning with hubby and after a long thought we decided not to purchase the set menu but tried other flavours that we might like instead. So we settled for the Hot fried chicken, honey soy fried chicken and snow butter fried chicken plus two bowls of pickled vegetables (for myself). I can snack on pickled vegetables all day long…

7Grams wasn’t a huge venue and it can house 14-16 people comfortably indoor but for those who wants to feel the cool wind during winter can sit outside on a swing with side tables or high tables located just outside of the restaurant. Before selling fried chicken, 7Grams Espresso focused on their coffee and brunch menu only. Due to the small space they tried to decorate as much as they can to beautify the restaurant and distract people from the unopened box of stocks on the floor.

Spicy fried chicken, didn't disappoint!

When I ordered my fried chicken, the staff warned me that the hot fried chicken would be really spicy. I thought, ‘Bring it on, you don’t know that my tolerance level was quite high’ (yes, I can be quite snobbish when it comes to chili hahaha). It was SPICY and if you’re not ready to eat this please choose the milder one. I like the good kick of chili and I washed away the burn with my pickled vegetables. See, it worked really well when you combine hot chili sauce and the refreshing coolness of pickled vegetables. This was my favourite out of all three that we ordered.

Honey Soy Fried Chicken - always delicious!

My second favourite was the honey soy fried chicken, there’s something about mixing soy with the stickiness and sweetness of honey. It just worked really well. 

Snow Butter

The least favourite of the three was the snow butter one. It tasted alright and a bit buttery but I’d expect stronger flavour to come out from it.  

We ordered too much for two people and had 9 left over chickens available after our brunch so we asked the staff for the take-away box. I’d suggest to purchase two servings of fried chicken for two people next time if you want to order different flavours outside of the set menu. The set menu does look good and for $34 it provided quite good value but because they served it with other side dishes, I didn’t know the exact amount of the chicken that they actually provide.

7Grams is another great addition to the chimek game and I’d challenge you to try the hot fried chicken that they have ;)

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