Silver Sushi, Willeton

When you have found a good Japanese restaurant that consistently serves delicious sushi rolls and rice bowls, you will definitely keep on going back there. That was what we experienced with Silver Sushi. We first went there a few years ago and really loved the place, unfortunately for us we don’t live close to the area. Last week I made a booking on a whim and was looking forward to going back there (winning $20 my workplace Lotto syndicate added extra incentive).

Aburi Salmon Uramaki - Must order!

Similar to our last visit, we re-ordered the really delicious Aburi Salmon uramaki sushi roll that comes with the cream cheese. Hubby was so fond of this roll and always remembered the delicious taste of the combination of cream cheese, rice, thick teriyaki sauce and the freshly torched salmon.

Crunchy Roll, very huge!

On this occasion we also ordered the crunchy roll. The crunchy roll is a combination of fried chicken, avocado and mayonnaise. Unfortunately this roll came after we finished the first one so this one didn’t make as big an impression on us. I wish they could find a way to stick the crispy tempura bits on the sushi roll to create a richer eating experience.

Delicious ikayaki

I was craving a really good Japanese grill squid so I ordered a serving of Ikayaki which turned out to be really delicious. I tried some other grill squid dishes at a few places but they didn’t have the charcoal / burnt taste on it and most had a soft texture instead of being fresh and chewy.

$12.90 Japanese Curry. Impressive :)

A family who was sitting next to us ordered a bowl of Japanese curry and after we eyed it for a good 30 seconds, we decided to order a serving to be shared between us two as well. The Japanese curry was worth the $12.90 that we paid for especially with the generous portion of chicken katsu and rice that was provided. If you don’t want to spend too much then the rice bowl or Japanese curry will be a really good option to take.

We went there once without booking a spot beforehand during a weekday dinner and was told to wait for about 2 hours so booking is highly recommended.

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