Hey Griller, Victoria Park (Invited)

Hey Griller is a new Modern Asian establishment in Victoria Park where they serve a really exciting 'steak on fire' dish! A group of bloggers and foodies were invited by Evan, the owner of the Hey Griller and we tried most of the dishes that they offered in their menu.


Lamb Skewers - delectable!

We tried a few starters such as chicken karima, pan grilled squid and some chicken wings skewers. The lamb shoulder skewer was the highlight of the night and definitely a must try when you’re at Hey Griller. It was really well seasoned and very juicy, I think everyone wouldn’t turn down a second serving if it was offered by them. The prawn toast bite was delicious but if you want to be more economical, you’re better off going for some skewers ($14 for 6) instead of spending $11.50 for 4 small bites of prawn toast. 

I really like squid especially grill squid but I found that the Hey Griller’s Pan Grilled squid didn’t have enough charred and springy-ness to it. I finished the squid on behalf of the group though (for the love of squid) ;).

Main Course

Hey Griller offers a good variety of different dishes for their main course. They have salad or grilled vegetables, beef, lamb, chicken and fish listed as well. I knew right away that I had to order the Flame Tender HG especially after seeing some photos of the flaming steak on Instagram. TIPS: The staff said that we could swap the tenderloin with wagyu beef so me and some other people swapped it right away. It was very tender and even though the menu said that the meat will be cooked medium to medium well, my steak came cooked in medium rare (yay!). 

Huge lamb shank at Hey Griller

I tried Martin’s Flame Iron HG which was the sous vide and grilled beef and I liked the tenderness that came with it as well as the rich flavour. Just like the Flame Tender HG, this dish came with seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes and the flaming sauce. The lamb shank was a bit of a letdown due to dryness but in terms of size it was huge.

Salmon at Hey Griller

Great presentation for Barramundi!

The barramundi was delicious especially with the tomato salsa but I wish I could taste more of the spicy sauce on it. The salmon was well cooked but a bit ordinary when compared to the flaming steak.


The best dessert of the night was the chocolate and hazelnut fudge which enveloped everyone who tried it in warmth. This dessert was served in a ceramic cup where choc and hazelnut fudge were mixed together with torched marshmallows, finished with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top. This will go very well especially as the weather gets colder.

Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t the dessert that I ordered…  

Grilled Watermelon

Mine was the grilled watermelon HG which was a bit confusing for me. The watermelon came warm with the topping of caramelised sugar and as you can see from the photo it was served with cream, vanilla ice cream on one side and very refreshing lime sorbet on the other side. It was very different from what I imagined it would be.

We cut it open ;-)

The matcha puff HG was a green tea infused cream puff which was filled with custard and served with a scoop of lime sorbet. Again, I really love their lime sorbet but most guests were a bit confused whether they should mix the two together or have it separately. Maybe the lime sorbet was some sort of a palate cleanser before dessert (?)… The only feedback for the matcha puff is to have a stronger matcha flavour.

Hey Griller is still a new kid on the block and I really appreciate that they opened their arms up to welcome any feedback given to them. I will go back there again next time to get my flaming steak and the choc fudge dessert (yum!).

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