Second Visit to The Modern Eatery, Fremantle

When the top foodie from Melbourne visited Perth and craved for some sushi, I decided that I had to book The Modern Eatery for some Oshi goodness. The last time I went there was 8 months ago and the Modern Eatery left a very good impression on me.

Unfortunately on the day two people couldn’t make it to the dinner so we were left with a group of 6, which turned out to be the perfect number that evening.

Our Food

It didn’t take long for us to order and as a fan of Oshi, I ordered a set of Ebi and a set of Salmon Oshi to be shared. The salmon oshi (pressed sushi) was very delicious and firmly made with the perfect amount of charred finish to the sushi rice. We decided to order another salmon oshi before we finished for the night since it was too good and we ate each piece naked without any soy sauce.

Aburi Sashimi: Hokkaido Sea Scallop with Butter & Soy, NZ King Salmon with Miso

Sharon encouraged me to try the aburi (blow torched) sashimi of hotate (scallop) and salmon since it wasn’t raw like the sashimi. Surprisingly I really enjoyed both and I think if you’re a fan of sashimi, you will enjoy a good twist to your raw seafood.

Very colourful Ayers Rock and Roll

The Ayers Rock and Roll was a colourful looking sushi where 6 pieces of sushi were beautifully topped by crispy fried sweet potato strings. The sushi roll with shredded crab stick was creamy with layered flavour of sweetness as well as the crunchiness of sweet potato.

This deep fried sushi roll is very delicious!

Fry me to the moon was a deep fried sushi roll that comes with smooth cream cheese and salmon. The sushi was very delicious with the perfect amount of ingredients in it. The name of the sushi should make you hum the Fly Me to the Moon song a bit. Both sweet chili mayo and sweet soy really complement this sushi roll.

Baby Dragon roll was a mixture of unagi, avocado and cucumber. Due to the small size this sushi was very easy to eat especially with the umami taste from the unagi sauce.

Love all the references to old love songs for the sushi name :)

Love me tender came in a 4 pieces sushi roll. It contains chicken tempura, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, seared bread crumbs on top with sweet chili mayo.

Our creamy crab croquettes was one of the two dishes that we added on later on into our order. The dish was fried really well, leaving the inside really soft, tender and creamy.

We didn’t expect much of their juicy katsu, but it was definitely better than expected. This katsu is a combination of deep fried minced pork, beef, vegetables with mayo and tonkatsu sauce. Just like the name, the dish was quite juicy but all of the ingredients mixed in harmony.

With the premium sushi offering, the minimalistic Modern Eatery offers a really decent price with exceptional flavours particularly when each ingredient in the sushi marry together really well.

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