Vons Chicken Perth

Even though Vons Chicken is not a new player in the ever expanding fried chicken field in Perth, it could easily be overlooked. Most people said that they walked past the premise many times but didn’t pay enough attention to it. We were guilty of it too until two of our friends pestered us to try the chicken.

Gold Fried Chicken (Half)

The most famous item from the menu is the Gold Fried Chicken which was cooked perfectly, resulted in crispy skin glazed with sweet soy and tender flesh.

Vons Roast Chicken - Extra Hot BBQ Roast Chicken

The extra hot BBQ roast chicken was the one that I wanted to try for quite some time. I asked whether the chicken can be ordered in extra extra spicy sauce next time and she said that customers usually do that. My taste buds really like the sauce and next time I’m there I’ll ask for extra extra hot sauce to be put on the chicken.

Vons Roast - Black Vinegar & Soy Chicken

Vons Roast - Black Vinegar & Soy Chicken

Another one that we ordered was the black vinegar with soy chicken. I think Hubby really like this one the most and was actually really perfect when combined with the extra hot sauce that Vons had in the menu (dipping sauce can be ordered for extra $1). I will definitely order this again next time.

Daikon *yum*!

There are a lot of golden fried chicken fans out there but Hubby and I preferred the roasted chicken more. There’s nothing special with the presentation and all chickens are served on a simple white plate but the staff that night were really friendly, especially the Lady Boss. A box of disposable plastic gloves, wet wipes and serviettes were available at the cashier area which I found really handy. A small bin for bones are available at each table. I also like how they sell $3 daikon (pickled radish) with generous serving as side dish.

Overall, Vons definitely sells a good chicken and the place is still quite popular with university students.

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