Noodle Combo, Vic Park

I didn't know there was a noodle place in Vic Park called Noodle Combo until Wayne told me about it. Hubby and I were told to check out the spicy noodle at the restaurant. So one weekend we decided to go there and drag our friend Jeremy along as well.

We went there before the busy dinner period so the restaurant was still a bit quiet. There were a couple and a group of four busy eating their noodle when we arrived. We chose our table and the staff brought out a couple of menus for us.

I quickly browsed the menu only to find that there was one whole page dedicated to spicy noodles (yay!). I decided on the small bowl of Sichuan Yibin Flammable Noodle while Hubby chose the small but delicious Dan Dan Noodle . Jeremy went on a different path and decided on the spinach noodle with fried chicken. It was funny because the best thing about his noodle is the fried chicken itself.

Noodle Combo's fried chicken is a really must have dish. The chicken wasn't oily at all, it was juicy, tender and the skin was really crispy. Jeremy was a bit disappointed with his clear chicken Spinach noodle because it was really bland. I tried it too and couldn't taste anything through the broth. He took it upon itself to mix a lot of chilli powder, a bit of soy sauce and two drops of vinegar sauce into the bowl...

The Dan Dan Noodle had more flavour than my Sichuan Yibin Flammable Noodle. I think it was due to the preserved vegetables and peanut paste. I added some drops of vinegar sauce to my flammable noodle to give it stronger flavour but next time I'd love to try the thick noodle in milky pork broth.

The best parking spot to get to the Noodle Combo is the shopping centre's parking spots that is located right across the restaurant. It's free and you don't have to pay or get another free ticket after every 30 mins just like when you park along Albany Hwy. 

The price of each dish at Noodle Combo was really reasonable. Our small bowl of noodle costs $9 with side dishes that cost around $5. The Noodle Combo is definitely worth a try and if you go there just remember to also order the fried chicken. At Noodle Combo you can also choose your type of broth, the home-made noodle that you want and toppings. There's also an option to add extra topping or go for another different topping.

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