NeNe Chicken Vic Park (Invited)

I was so excited when I received an invitation from Wasamedia to attend the little lunch feast for Nene Chicken (pronounced: Ne-Ne / -). Yes, Perth has another chimek (치맥) outlet in town and of course I don’t mind to feast on a little bit of fried chicken. That was what I thought at first. On the day though, Keegan, Hubby and I decided to order 6 out of 8 flavours of fried chicken and we didn’t regret it at all.

Original and Swicy:

NeNe Chicken Half-Half: Original and Swicy, with coleslaw and daikon

The Korean's mustard was slightly lighter than standard mustard and felt smooth too.  It went really well with the tender chicken pieces. 

The swicy chicken was recommended for those who like chili but couldn’t take a very fiery chili. This was a tiny bit spicier than the normal sweet chili sauce but had enough kick to satisfy your taste buds.

Bulgogi and Green Onion:

NeNe Chicken Bulgogi and Green Onion

The sauce for bulgogi chicken was just enough and I was really glad that they didn’t drown the chicken in the sweet bulgogi sauce.

The Green Onion with chicken didn’t make much of an impression for us. I think it was the normal chicken with green onion topping but I’d love it more if this chicken had a stronger or different taste compared to the original.

Freaking Spicy and Snowing Vegetable:

NeNe Chicken Freaking Spicy and Snowing Vegetable

Freaking Spicy is my second favourite after the Snowing Vegetable and Hubby really liked the spicy taste. I think the Freaking Spicy is hotter than the Sun BBQ’s Spicy Chicken. I have to warn you though, don’t order this if you can’t eat any spicy food.

I didn’t want to order the Snowing Vegetable before because I had no idea what snowing vegetable means but it turned out to be a combination of cheese and herb. The staff at Nene Chicken told me that this was a must have chicken but the seasoning tasted a bit different with the one Nene Chicken created in Korea. It was due to a different milk that they have in Korea compared to Australia. The R & D department in Australia tried to create the same taste but they weren’t successful and the snow vegetable was the closest to what they had in Korea.

NeNe Chicken Butter Corn with Chili

We didn’t stop there with our order, but we added the tornado potato and spicy butter corn. Keegan insisted we tried the tornado potato with the snow vegetable seasoning so we ordered one and it was so crispy and tasty! Thank you Keegan!

Nene Chicken $2 soft serve

After the chicken feast, we were treated to the famous soft serve that occupied a lot of frames of Instagram within the past couple of weeks. Hubby and I chose the matcha and black sesame combination but Keegan stuck to his black sesame due to a very traumatic experience with matcha. I love my soft serve but if I had to choose a single flavour I’d pick black sesame over matcha due to its stronger flavour.

The upstairs area of Nene Chicken was really cool because they have some iDarts machine. If you have a membership card from iDarts, the card just needs to be inserted into one of the slots so you can keep track of your score and add your own nickname. There is an iDarts game centre located behind Papparich Northbridge where you can make your membership card. In Japan and Korea, this electronic dart game is very popular and they have their own annual competition where competitors aim to win large amounts of prize money. 

Nene Chicken is currently applying for liquor licence and once approved, they will have a full bar on the second floor. Nene Chicken also wants to extend the trading hours past midnight which will make them a valuable addition to night life at Vic Park.  Nene offers a good range of flavours and it’s worth a try for any fan of fried chicken.

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