YELP's Botanical Balcony Party

Around mid-December last year, we received the information about one of the coolest party that Yelp will throw in January from Laura Dew, the Community Manager (CM) for Yelp Perth. It was to be called the Botanical Balcony Party. The entry was free for people who were part of the Yelp Community but spots were really limited to 500 people.

Downloading and signing up to Yelp didn't make you to be a part of the community instantly. In order to enjoy all the benefit that Yelp offered including the Yelp Newbie Event and Elite Events, you will need to pull your own weight by:

  1. using your real name and real photo (easily done)
  2. doing some reviews to help other Yelpers
  3. comment / like / participate in the Yelp's discussion

When I arrived at the Botanical Balcony Party, there was a long queue in front of the Perth Concert Hall! Fortunately Hubby was already there, right in the middle of the long queue.

Below are some photos and brief information of the food that I tried that night:

The Standard offered quite a substantial amount of food. The very tender Liberty Chicken was grilled perfectly. It went well together with the Nuoc Cham sauce, rice noodle and mint. The beef carpaccio with soy pearl has always been my favourite from the Standard and the taste was the same as what they served at the premise (awesome quality!).

Glazed and Confused donuts

Gracie from Glazed and Confused served three different donuts. Hubby tried the edible flower one while my friend Erlin took the lemon one. They both preferred the lemon one but I really like the subtle taste of the edible flower. 

Satay on Charcoal served beef and chicken satay. I really liked the beef one and they also gave out pamphlet with 15% off total bill voucher!

Coconut & Rum from Stampede Gelato

I tried three flavours of Stampede gelato from the salted seaweed, nutmeg and the rum coconut. Out of the three flavours that I tried, my favourite was the coconut and rum!


The real highlight of the night though was being able to meet a lot of people that I followed on Instagram and Yelp. I hope to see more events like this and thanks again Yelp for an awesome night!