Wii's Thai Cafe, Baldivis

Finding a local good restaurant felt like finding a $20 note from some jeans that just came out of the washing. It was very exciting especially since Wii’s Thai was only about a 5 minutes’ drive from home.

I went there three times already and always tried to order different dishes. So far I don’t have any complaints about the service and food. The front counter lady lived about a 2 minutes’ walk from the restaurant and she's originally from Cambodia. She always explained each dish in specific detail to us and served us with smile.

One time two male customers came into the restaurant and asked whether Wii Thai serve any Singapore noodle. I thought that request was a little ignorant as Wii Thai only serve Thai dishes. The friendly front counter lady said no and explained that they offered other noodle dish such as Pad Thai. One of the customers then asked whether the Pad Thai will be served with curry because he didn’t want any curry on his noodle. The front counter lady answered them nicely of the ingredients that they will use and the type of sauce and ensured both customers that there won’t be any curry on the Pad Thai. It was very refreshing to see an exemplary display of customer service that night.

Below are some meals that we’ve tried from Wii’s Thai:

Thai Curry Puff has different taste than the Malaysian curry puff, this one was a bit sweeter but very tasty nonetheless especially when served with crunchy skin.

Pad Kra Pow chicken - stir fried with fresh chili, garlic, basil leaves and mixed vegetable. This was a very delicious dish and with a good kick of chili. The portion was quite generous for two people. Me and hubby were quite full just by ordering this dish and steam rice on the side. 

Gra Tiam Prik Thai - deep fried chicken with garlic and pepper. This was a very simple dish and easy to be enjoyed by many people. One thing that makes it special was the caramelised fried onion that was sprinkled on top of the fried chickens. Due to the big portion, we usually took home the leftover.

The famous Kao Mun Gai (KMG) Tod - fried chicken with black pepper & garlic rice, served with spicy peanut chili sauce. This is a very well known street food in Thailand and I was so stocked when I found it at Wii's Thai. The spicy sauce was really tasty and just like their other dish that can be shared, this would be perfect to be shared between two people too.

Most of the people ordered take-away through phone call to the restaurant but the venue is big enough to host about 16 people. A comfortable couch is also available for people who are waiting for their take-away meals. I can’t wait to try other meals from Wii’s Thai!

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