Kazoomies Feel Good Food, Freo

Chef Nimrod Kazoom of Kazoomies

It was a very beautiful and sunny day to sit outside so we decided to go to E Shed Market and try out Kazoomies with Hubby. It was such a good experience that we ended up there for a second time in the same month. I must warn you that it’ll be very easy to let the time fly by and enjoy the fine food at Kazoomies, as a lone diner or in a group. The view and the right weather helps to heighten the experience and on both occasions, I found myself not wanting to go anywhere but to sit and enjoy my food slowly at the restaurant with its rustic feel.

Kazoomies opened for business on the 30th of October 2015, partly due to the help of crowd funding. Chef Nimrod Kazoom’s Chicken Parmigiana is deemed the best one in the whole WA by WA Today. Another famous dish is the red shakshuka that Gourmet Traveller ranked as part of its 26 best breakfasts in Australia.

The Zaldeesh’s Red Shakshuka was very hearty and came with two poached eggs in rich slow cooked tomato sauce. The presentation was really well done with kadaifi nest covering the tender lamb served using aromatic cinnamon sticks. I had a really high expectation of this shakshuka especially after a number of bad experiences in eating some duds previously. My high expectation was fulfilled, all the ingredients mixed together really well and I definitely will recommend this dish to anyone who’s looking for delicious shakshuka.

Eydor's Aussraeli Breakfast with Delicious Falafels

Hubby chose Eydor’s Aussraeli Breakfast which is red bean shakshuka served with falafels, spinach and Jerusalem hummus. Any vegetarians out there will be really joyful in eating this scrumptious dish. I thought I knew what a good falafel tasted like but Kazoomies’ falafels really went beyond expectation. It was crunchy on the outside and enough softness on the inside, perfect to be mixed with the hummus.

Sea Shakshuka at Kazoomies Freo

On the second occasion I went there, I tried the Sea Shakshuka that came with marinated Barramundi. The diced barramundi was cooked really fresh and served together with spinach, olives and eggplants cooked in garlic butter. I was seriously dipping the pita bread until the whole pan was wiped clean: delicious meal.

Best chicken Parmi in WA

Best chicken Parmi in WA

Mel told me that I should try the Parmi Me next time I go to Kazoomies so I suggested to Hubby to order the dish. He was very pleased at the sight of the giant chicken parmigiana. Compared to the traditional dish, Chef Nimrod put on the red shakshuka sauce and blow torched cheese on top of the chicken. The free-range chicken was cooked with parmesan and rosemary crust. No wonder this was dubbed the best parmigiana in Perth.

Take my breath away, Pumpkin Pastilla...

Alex ordered the pumpkin pastilla which came up as a delight both in terms of sight as well as taste. The crispy pastry filled with sweet pumpkin on top of the bed of wilted spinach and dukkah. The person who sat behind us actually turned around because we were busy with our oohs and ahhs when we saw it. I think the best way to eat this is to mix everything together including the poached eggs. Chef Nimrod informed us that mothers usually create pastilla to recycle the leftover food for the next day.

By this time it was very hard for us to finish the rest of the meals. The Nutella French Toast that Martin ordered was really delicious but unfortunately we couldn't finish it since we were quite full. 

Glorious Lamb Brain

 can’t remember who brought up the topic about lamb and testicles (I think it was Andrew), but Chef Nimrod treated us to a good dish of lamb brain. Even though the idea of eating brain is tenable I never tried any brain dish before, but this one had a creamy richness inside and golden crunchy exterior. The brain was especially tasty with a squeeze of lemon on top.

Kazoomies is located at the side of the E Shed Markets that faced the harbour.  As Chef Nimrod explained to us that during the sunsets, the venue is graced with the view of beautiful crane lights that light up from the opposite side of the market as well as live music. I haven’t been there when the sun sets but I’ll definitely be back to try other delicious cuisines at Kazoomies.

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