The Globe Perth, 140 William (Invited)

The Globe is the latest uber-cool bar and eatery which is located in close proximity to Bambamboo and Ribs & Burgers. They opened their doors for business on the 18th of January 2016 at the site of the original Globe Hotel built during the 1880’s gold rush.

The Globe - Bar & Lane

Our night started with the introduction of The Globe’s innovative cocktails by the Italian Mixologist, Riccardo Dal Molin and some of the cocktails were inspired by international places such as Batik (Indonesian) and Gradisca (Italian).

To guarantee quality, all of the garnishes that were used at the Globe were developed in-house such as the rosemary syrup, grapefruit ice cubes, mangosteen foam and the red lotus. Riccardo’s passion really shows especially in the way he explained about each different cocktail (which I think he’d be able to do easily for the whole night). He also clarified that the cocktail menu starts from the aperitif/starters, easy to drink/intermezzo, quite strong cocktail/mains and finish with the dessert/to close cocktail.

Since I originated from Indonesia, I was so keen to order the Batik cocktail but I changed my choice to Gradisca (meaning good fun) because of its beautiful name. The name delivered a gorgeous cocktail like you can see in the above photo. Gradisca is Vodka Imperiale teamed up with France’s Joseph Cartron Mandarine and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water (made with floral botanicals). What I drank was a very smooth cocktail filled with a refreshing citrusy flavour. The current cocktails are very well priced, between $15-20.

Hubby’s Don Pedro didn’t disappoint too and I was so happy that he opted for something sweet. Don Pedro was a mixture of Kahlua, coffee, Vanilla Ice Cream and grated Tonka Bean. The Engineer Eats said it was a really enjoyable alcoholic iced coffee and Leen the Foodie mentioned that it was very easy to drink.

The Globe - Eatery

After all of us felt a bit tipsy, we headed downstairs to see the Globe’s eatery area. The Globe Eatery has a different vibe with the Bar especially with the large windows, recycled timbers and leather seating that they have. It felt so relaxing downstairs and I didn’t realise that the Globe was located directly opposite the Wellington Train Station.

After a glance of the menu that offers quite a really good price for shared dishes, we were served with the homemade bread and butter. With it, we tried two different dips. The first one was beetroot, yoghurt and cardamom dip and the second one was eggplant, tomato sultana and rosewater dip.

Our opinion was divided when it came to the pickled crudités because I finished this dish on behalf of the group, when most people disliked the strong sour flavour.

My favourite entrée was the octopus, lemon & white beans with chorizo especially since the octopus had a pleasant texture, was tender, while still retaining a bit of chewiness that I like. Another one that I really liked was the fried halloumi served with watermelon and harissa which came out with a satisfying combination of colour, texture and complimentary taste of salty cheese mixed with refreshing sweet watermelon.

After we took a couple of minutes of rest, Riccardo soon brought out many of the foodies’ favourite dishes from the ‘vegetable’ menu which was the roasted cauliflower covered in comte cheese and served together with almonds. This dish had a really wonderful slightly-charred flavour and with the addition of the nutty comte cheese it was really delicious. Other vegetable dishes that we had were the almost-vegetarian chicken fat potatoes and radicchio salad with green olives, pecorino, egg and croutons.

The Globe Perth - Pot Roasted Lamb

The Globe Perth - Pot Roasted Lamb

What followed afterwards were the four main and meaty dishes. The fatty pot roasted lamb breast that served with afghan yoghurt and eggplant looked really beautiful, almost like the Christmas’ yule log. The lamb was really juicy and the mild sweet flavour adhered really well to the meat.

The Globe’s confit chicken was very tender and easy to eat but other dishes such as the black pepper crusted beef flank was far superior in flavour compared to the chicken. Additional favourites of the group was the Tasmanian salmon served with green tahini, olives and almonds: delicious.

House-made carrot jam that was created using a secret recipe only known to the Head Chef Alexandra Haynes, made its way to the table with some paper-thin lavash and cheese. The carrot jam didn’t taste like carrot at all but it had a really stimulating sweetness to it and looked really pretty in a pale reddish colour. It’s a simple but deft touch to the dessert.

After we finished our food, Riccardo introduced us to Chef Alexandra who professionally arranged for all dishes to come out in time and created the amazing menu at the Globe Eatery. Riccardo explained that the type of cuisine that the Globe offers are really diverse and couldn’t be contained in the term ‘modern Australian’ food especially with the influence that Chef Alexandra had from various places that she worked at previously.

If you’re looking for a vibrant drinking and dining space, I’d recommend to try the Globe. The best waiting area is the bar where you can watch your cocktails being made. For us, it was very entertaining to see how a glass of Tuscan Smoked Negroni being made in front of our eyes. With a majority of gluten free items in the menu, the shared dishes at the Globe Eatery will be able to offer a lot of deliciousness that everyone can enjoy.

The style, the setting, the food and enthusiastic service all band together really well at the Globe Perth. The Brockwell Group definitely brought in a great venue for people to hang out and we can’t wait to see their plan for The Reveley at Elizabeth Quay.

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