Breakfast at Holly Raye's Bassendean

One day I went passed the town of Bassendean to take some photos of the newly opened Whitfield Apartments. Since the GPS didn’t pick up the exact location of the apartment, I parked nearby the local school area which turned out to be a relaxing 10 minute walk to the apartment.

I was so taken in by a beautiful monument and green park that I drove by and I quickly looked at my phone to see whether there was any restaurant that I could visit for a quick brunch. I found Holly Raye’s and walked past the colourful mural of Angus the dog. The premise was really busy for a Friday morning and I reminded myself to go there before my next photo assignment.

On the way back to Holly Raye’s, two elderly men greeted good morning to me and gave me their best smiles. ‘This town is really friendly’, I thought to myself. As expected, Holly Raye’s was still packed after one and a half hours later and probably busier than before. I lined up for the breakfast guacamole and when the staff asked me where will I sit, my eyes met a stranger’s eyes who actually sat at a table for 6 people. I asked if it’s okay for him to share his table and he said yes. I was thinking to myself that I had a lot of good surprises today.

I almost ordered the bright eyes (mostly due to the name) when the friendly staff informed me that it was a cup of coffee of my choice with espresso on the side. I decided to go with my usual soy flat white. I didn’t wait too long for my coffee and breakfast guacamole to arrive.

Breakfast Guacamole plus egg - Holly Raye's

The jalapeno cornbread had enough spicy kick and this dish was exactly my kind of breakfast especially since it was filled with my favourite items like the avocado, sweet corn and black beans. It wasn’t overly spicy and the salsa on it gave a really fresh tomato-ey flavour. I messaged Hubby to tell him that we should come back for another serve of breakfast guacamole, although at that moment I truly forgot that Hubby isn’t an avocado eater at all.

My coffee was really delicious too and came with the right temperature. I’m not a coffee connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination and the only requirement was for my coffee to not be burnt (which unfortunately I experienced many times…).

On another note, I was really blessed that the stranger that I shared the table with was really friendly. We were talking about Bali, his love of motorcycles, how he lived in Bassendean for the past three years and before he left he reminded me that we have to be thankful for the little things in life including meeting a good stranger :). I hope the next time I go to Holly Raye’s I will be able to experience more good surprises.

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