Noodle Forum Lunch Package

I still remember the day when I met Erich Wong, the Noodle Master of Noodle Forum. It was back in June 2015 when he talked to a group of people outside of Noodle Forum at Equus Arcade about his dream to open a noodle restaurant. He was so eager to show people the ancient art of making noodle by kneading the dough using a long bamboo pole. Erich also showed us that Noodle Forum only uses fresh local produce from the Exmouth prawns, WA grown spinach and even down to the flour that they use. Fast forward to almost the end of 2016 and we can see that Noodle Forum has been a great success, expanding very well into their 4th branch in WA.

We visited Noodle Forum to check out their new lunch package which is perfect as a takeaway option for CBD workers! For $65 you can feed 5 people with crispy chicken fillet noodles with crispy prawn & pork dumpling.

Another option is to get the $75 Noodle Lovers' Lunch package which will also be enough for 5 people. Noodle Forum will then prepare Chef's Selection of signature dishes, a bowl of wantons soup and crispy prawn & pork dumpling. 

We really enjoyed the braised beef noodle especially since the flavour really soaked into all the brown coloured noodles. The brown braised beef itself was really appetising, tender and so easy to bite into. This was a very satisfying lunch meal!

Mee Pok's noodle texture has just the right chewiness!

The mee pok was another one of my favourites especially because it's quite hard to find a good mee pok in Perth. Noodle Forum's version of mee pok has a lot of minced pork and the sauce was very delicious. Not only that, they also nailed the texture of the mee pok really well! The fishcake went really well with the spicy chili sauce.

The crispy chicken fillet noodle is definitely everyone's favourite. Two ladies came up to our table, pointed to our bowl and asked whether that was the #4 from the menu, to which we said "yes" :-). The house-made spicy mayo was so perfect for the crispy chicken.

Perfect with the pickled green chilli!

The noodle with beef in XO sauce is also a very comforting lunch option and you have to mix it really well to get the benefit of the XO Sauce. They also gave us a generous amount of razor thin sliced beef. We ate ours with a lot of pickled green chilli to give some sourness into the dish.

Such a beautiful bowl of noodle!

Do you know that they also have a very beautiful vegetarian noodle? The above photo is the crispy spinach infused noodle in a lush pumpkin reduction. This bowl of noodle is served together with fried leek, browned tofu and fresh sliced vegetables! This was a great option if you're looking for something lighter for your lunch. The pumpkin reduction was very refreshing when mixed together with the noodle and vegetables.

We found that Noodle Forum was always generous with their servings, but if you're still not full then they also include a bowl of wonton soup and crispy dumpling in their lunch package. Now I wish I work in the CBD so I can have weekly takeaway noodle feasts from Noodle Forum!

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