Honey Beanz Subiaco (Invited)

Honey Beanz is a café in Subiaco that’s owned by a dear friend of mine. I bumped into her when I was volunteering at the Tong Café event back in August. That was when she mentioned her plan of opening a café.

Last Sunday we went for a very early breakfast session at 7AM and it was so enjoyable. There was barely any traffic around the city of Subiaco, only some quiet weekend construction work. I was so happy to see the café dream had became a reality for Kharis! Honey Beanz is using coffee beans specifically created for them by Antz Inya Pantz.

It was quite easy for me to decide on what I wanted to order, a Bibimbap burger! Bibimbap is one of my favourite Korean dishes where you get to mix Gochujang sauce, different slices of vegetables, egg, bean sprout and rice together. The origin of the dish was from the leftover ingredients that could be found in the fridge. The Bibimbap burger has most of the elements of the original Bibimbap, minus the rice. The flavour was really good that I finished my meal quicker than hubby (or maybe I was just super-duper hungry in the morning).

$17.50 Baked Chorizo - Great Breakfast Option!

Hubby chose the Smokey Chorizo baked beans which came with poached eggs, shaved parmesan and toast. The meal was quite substantial for $17.50 and he looked very happy when it arrived. 

Hubby ate most of my lychees...

We ended our breakfast with a great matcha pannacotta that came with lychee! Kharis made all of the desserts in the dessert fridge. I wanted to try the other desserts but we were so full that we ended up taking away half of a jar of matcha pannacotta. We were also treated to a glass of affogato with house-made honey vanilla ice cream! Kharis explained that they purposely mix honey together into the vanilla ice cream to take away the need of using sugar.

Kharis received the inspiration for Honey Beanz from the hard working bumble bees. She further explained that according to the law of physics, a bumble bee won't be able to fly due to the small size of wings that are not proportionate to the body. However, their persistence produce a lot of honey that we, humans, benefit from. 

The humble bumble bee story became the backbone of Honey Beanz where they will always persist to give their best to their customers through food, drinks and friendly hospitality.

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