Mayfair Lane, West Perth (Invited)

Mayfair Lane was a new gastropub that just opened on 72 Outram St, West Perth. We were invited there to experience a long table dinner among others invited but unfortunately I wasn't feeling well that day. So last Saturday we decided to go and visit the buzzing venue.

The gastropub looked so pretty from the outside with the floor to ceiling windows and we were wowed by some beautiful crystal chandeliers. Mayfair Lane was divided into two different sections, the pub and the beautiful dining area. For dinner at the pub area, the most expensive food is the Cone Bay barramundi which costs $35. Other than that, the rest of the main meals will set you back around $30 and under.

If you're looking for a quieter area to enjoy your dinner, then you can ask the staff to show you to the dining area. We were seated there for our dinner and really enjoyed the attentive hospitality as well as beautiful food that the chef prepared. The Operations Manager, Foni Pollitt, was the one responsible for all the lush decorations in Mayfair Lane. I especially liked the way she put a small vase of flowers on every dining table.  

Gazpacho, served cold ;-)

Our dinner started with the special soup of the day which was Gazpacho. If you recall, last Saturday was one of the hottest days in Spring with the temperature as high as 36 degrees. The Gazpacho was cool and refreshing, a perfect soup for summer. I hope this will stay in the summer menu!

Pretty steak tartare

Hubby decided to go with a plate of attractive steak tartare that came with a really cute quail egg! The chips can be used to scoop the steak tartare and provide a crunchy base for each mouthful of meaty steak. I really recommend this dish especially to taste the delectable seasoning that the chef did for his steak tartare.

Celebration of Lamb!

When I was looking at the menu, I was torn between the pork belly and assiette of lamb. I decided on the latter to experience the  different cuts and textures presented from one animal. The lamb assiette came with slow cooked shoulder of lamb on top of delicate spinach puree, the perfectly cooked rack of lamb with roast garlic, wine & rosemary jus, as well as a small bowl of shepherd's pie. I must say that I really enjoyed the showcase of the chef's skill in the creation of his assiette of lamb. Spring is definitely a perfect time for to enjoy tender lamb!

Hubby was going to order a set of tomahawk but I told him that would be a crazy idea, especially if there were only 2 people to share it with. So he chose one of the next best things in the menu which was the 350g of 28 day dry-aged sirloin steak. The steak came with mushroom and his favourite bearnaise sauce. The steak was really good, the meat was easily cut and cooked according to how he wanted it. 

We decided to share the dessert and opted for Rocky Road Parfait. It tasted quite light with heaps of peanut embedded into the ice cream so I asked the staff whether they made their own dessert. The staff confirmed it and said that they even created their own marshmallows as well.

We were really happy with our experience at the Mayfair Lane and we really enjoyed the friendly hospitality there. On the way home Hubby even made a remark about how we should have a get together at Mayfair Lane with some friends. 

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