Freshmade Japanese Cafe

We went for a late dinner on Saturday night with a group of 16 people after church and occupied two rows of tables inside the FM Japanese Cafe. The chef announced in advance that he could only bring 3 orders in one go, but he brought out our orders quicker than we anticipated! We didn't know until later that the cafe's closing time was at 8PM but Mr. Chef said that they will stay open until we finished our meals. 

Two dishes that he recommended were the Kuro Tonkotsu Shouyu and Ki Tonkotsu Curry. Most people ordered those two with the exception of one black sushi rice roll and one tonkotsu spicy miso.

Curry ramen

The curry ramen was probably the best curry ramen I've tasted in Perth due to the right thickness of peppery curry broth and springy noodle texture. Mr. Chef has a secret spicy sauce which is extremely spicy when eaten by itself, but will taste good when mixed together with ramen. 

Soba noodle, made from scratch!

My other favourite dish to order was the house-made soba noodle served together with prawn tempura.

Skewered takoyaki and karaage chicken were awesome, but their gyoza didn't taste good due to the thickness of the skin. FM Cafe prepared some condiments such as chopped seaweed, fried onion and fried garlic for customers to use sparingly.

We went back a few weeks after our first visit and tried their rice meals, but the portion of the rice was too small for our liking. Since then we always stuck to the ramen whenever we visited FM.

I like the attractive and eye catching logo that they have against the exposed brick wallpaper. The cafe is quite spacious and can easily fit 15 or so diners. All staff were friendly, liked to smile and striked a conversation.