BeauVine 2016, Food & Wine Festival

I can't believe the first BeauVine was already a year ago! I remembered visiting the Birdwood Square with a couple of friends on one Sunday afternoon. This year we also planned our visit for Sunday. We bought the early bird tickets well in advance with coupon code that Beauvine provided for $22.40 per person (incl. service fee) and that also covered us for the free tasting glass (yay!).

Sunday was a very scorching hot day and we found it hard to find shaded area because everyone was thinking about the same thing!

Sticky chicken wings, so yummy!

One of our friends, Erlin, bought a serving of chicken wings from Dominion League stall. The chicken was so tender and the sticky sauce was really yummy! This was probably the best food that we had along with a slice of Mack Daddy's New York. We also tried the Pleased to Meet You's watermelon salad and slider.

Combination of Mary St and Mack Daddy

There was a bit of a problem with Mack Daddy's stall because their oven suddenly stopped working. The staff had to pick up some pizza from their store at Beaufort St and brought everything back to the stall at BeauVine. Andoo was waiting for a good half an hour but he said the wait was totally worth it :-)! That was another tick in his food bucket list.

Pleased to Meet You Combo

I chose the watermelon salad because it was just too hot to eat anything else. The $5 price wasn't bad for the mini portion that we were getting. The slider was okay, I still chose my watermelon salad over it :-).

Other than eateries, BeauVine also offered a VIP experience which includes the admission to BeauVine, a complimentary glass of Moet, two Riedel Magnum wine glasses, VIP lounge access with private concierge and 6 stars toilets. I have to say that toilet was a very big deal though, on Sunday I found 4 portable toilets with vomit all over the floor... :'(.

From Cocktail Gastronomy

I found Panda & Co's Andy hard at work at the Cocktail Gastronomy stall and said hi to him. Andy was so kind and whipped up a glass of Nitro Espresso, perfect for the 31 degree day! I can't wait for his restaurant to open after tasting the tropical san choy bow that he brought to the pot luck last time.

I guess the countdown is starting for BeauVine #3!