Growers' Green Farmers' Market: Shakshuka

I like the market scene especially when I saw how families come together to enjoy the sun and sharing some good food. Last week hubby and I went for another trip to Green Grower's Market. When I went there three weeks ago, I really wanted to try a plate of the Shakshuka combo specifically after watching how quickly the guy cracked a numerous amount of eggs professionally and served the food order. 

I ordered a plate of Shakshuka combo to be shared but I will order one for myself next time! The dish comes with couscous, organic baguette, poached eggs, chorizo, and homemade spicy harissa dip. It was really delicious and has a bit of spiciness in it. I love the combination of flavours and I received perfectly cooked poached eggs that morning! So excited and will go back for another meal next time.