PULP Coffee

Saturday is the church day for me and a group of friends, and our tradition is to have a cup of coffee before we serve. We first discover PULP when we went to Noodle Forum but they were closing up the shop since we had a late lunch. We vowed to go back on the next Saturday and we did, not only for one Saturday but for the months to come. 

My usual order was flat white with soy milk and they did a mean flat white! I also like their cold drip as well as the latest addition in the menu, the matcha latte. Sam (the one with glasses) and Tim were always so welcoming, friendly and willing to answer any query that we have. The service for dine-in and take away coffee can be considered quick.

It's a small place and everyone knows how I love micro coffee shop but PULP has a great atmosphere as the shop is quite bright and inviting. They decorated their coffee and table counter with ceramic tiles as well as maximising the use of space by having wall shelving. Wooden accent furniture also suits the polished concrete very well.  Wi-Fi is available at this place and they usually put up the password somewhere near the cashier area.

PULP is within walking distance to variety of restaurants and easily accessible.