The Petition Kitchen at the Cathedral Square

It must be an amazing feeling for Adrian Fini from FJM Property to see his dream became a reality with the opening of the Petition on the 1st of October. The Petition is the first food scene at the State Buildings with separate sections for the wine bar, beer hall and restaurant which goes by the name Petition Kitchen.

We arrived earlier than our booked time for the Petition Kitchen, so we took a detour to the beer hall to check it out. 

The premise was bustling with people but there were a lot of available seats to accommodate customers there. After looking around, Hubby decided to walked into the Kitchen. The lady who welcomed us offered whether Hubby wanted to hang his guitar bag and ensured him that it would be secure. She mentioned that she plays guitar too so she knew how important it was.

Hubby and his guitar

We were seated on a table for two and I chose to sit on the good comfy sofa. The spacing between tables was quite small and sitting on the inside part wasn’t a good idea if you needed to go out a lot, especially when there was another person sitting next to you.  I can imagine that this could be a negative to some people who would prefer a bit more privacy as it was easy to listen in to other people’s conversations.  However we did notice that some patrons didn't mind engaging in some light conversation with others next to them.

Stracciatella, roast mushrooms, watercress & potato

The Fremantle octopus was a perfect choice for entrée especially with the chewiness and freshness of it.  The leaves that came with the dish had a crunchiness to it too.  We also ordered the stracciatella roast mushrooms, watercress and potato and this turned out to be our favourite meal of the night. Hubby wasn’t even a big fan of mushrooms but this dish turned him around and if allowed he’d order another portion of it! We left nothing on the plate and was really happy with this dish, highly recommend.

Lamb rump and breast, chermoula, carrots & peaoli

Chopped broccoli, puffed grains, walnut & sheep’s feta 

Last dish for our evening was the warm lemon leaf rice pudding. The creamy texture was really good but we only took a few spoonfuls before we stopped. The strawberry sauce tasted really good with the rice pudding and delivered sour flavour into it, but the whole thing tasted too musky.

We were quite fortunate to make a friend with a solo diner, Laki, who sat next to us. 

Our chopped broccoli was served with puffed grains, walnut and sheep’s feta, and the dish came together with our lamb.  The succulent medium rare lamb was perfectly cooked in pink and served on a bed of chermoula.  The lamb was tasty but we would preferred more of chermoula. This dish was still enjoyable and well presented.  I sprinkled the chopped broccoli on top of my lamb and it was so delicious.

Rice Pudding

Laki offered me a try on his huge beef shin and a glass (or two) of his Clos du Tue-Boeuf Cheverny Rouillon wine. The beef with tarragon sauce was put along the bone that had also retained creamy bone marrow. Laki and Hubby continued on talking about music scales and 8 strings guitar afterwards.

As for the premise, the Spaceagency (past project: Bread in Common) did a really wonderful job with all three sections of the Petition. Seeing the success of the Petition, we’re now very excited for the Wildflower, the Post and the Long Chim Thai restaurant to be opened in November.

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