Porky's BBQ & Bar, Northbridge

Two hungry girls were roaming the Barrack St area trying to find a spot to eat at Edosei, unfortunately they didn’t book for the restaurant prior. The kind manager told them that they could wait for 20 minutes but they decided to try their luck in Northbridge. They went to the Porky’s BBQ & Bar at Northbridge and were surprised that the premise looked quite empty at 8PM on a Saturday night. It turned out that their eyes were deceived when they found a lot of seated customers inside the restaurant area. A spot for two were easily obtained without any problem at all. 

The Meat Tray

After a small chat with the helpful staff Loiene, they agreed on the $47 meat tray and a bottle of cider for each person to quench their thirst. The meat tray was delivered really quickly to their table, the chef must have felt concerned about their wellbeing. The spicy beef sausage delivered quite a good kick while the pork sausage was quickly demolished. The shredded Angus beef was so tender and juicy, they were dreaming of it to be served together with rice. The tasty ribs were quite chewy despite the beautiful sticky smoky sauce.

Mac N' Cheese

Halfway through eating their meals, they craved a bowl of good carbs and put in an order for tasty Mac n' Cheese. One of them insisted that the meal should be shared between the two of them so that it could lessen the guilt that might creep in later. The Mac n’ Cheese was cheesy and buttery as what it should be!

There was something heartwarming about eating comfort food such as Mac n' Cheese late at night...

As they finished the last sip of their cider, the Bestfriend went to the counter to pay for everything. It was about a good time for them to travel back home for a good sleep especially since the bar area started to fill up with the younger crowd. Grateful and full, they walked away happily from the Porky’s Northbridge and determined to go back to try the meat tray pizza in the near future. 

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