Pepper Lunch Beaux Lane, Mt Lawley (Invited)

Recently Pepper Lunch released a new vegetarian menu all throughout their franchises in Australia. Behind the scenes, many people had been battling to bring the menu to the surface for years and after thorough considerations and planning, came the day for Pepper Lunch to celebrate their new menu with the food bloggers of Perth.

The first Pepper Lunch that we went to was the one at Beaux Lane, Mt Lawley. I took my cousin Erik with me as my plus one and he was so excited to try the vegetarian menu. He looked set on what to get but changed his mind as soon as he saw the photo of the porterhouse steak on the sizzling hot plate... 

His porterhouse steak was really delicious and tender. With Pepper Lunch, you can cook your steak as you want it. The video at the store explained that to avoid overcooking you can transfer the meat to the bed of vegetables that is served on top of the plate. Be careful because it doesn't take long for the steak to be cooked on the 260 degrees hot plate. The beauty of the patented plate also lies in the way it retains heat for a long period of time.

I was so keen to try one of the vegetarian menu  items so I decided on the Spinach & Kale pasta with tempeh bacon, drizzled in creamy sauce. My pasta was delicious although I was hoping for more tempeh to be put on the menu. The chopped spinach and kale was really generous so you can still see a lot of greens on your pasta when you mix everything up.

Decorated with industrial lighting and neon signs, Pepper Lunch at Beaux Lane was very spacious and airy compared to the other two restaurants. This restaurant was their latest addition in Perth and the staff were still going through some teething issues but I think the DIY style that Pepper Lunch offered can be quite successful for the locals. 

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