Dîner en Blanc, Perth 2016

By this time you probably have heard about the insta-worthy spectacular Diner en Blanc or the white dinner that popped up in various different countries. If you haven’t, I guaranteed that you will google it after you have finished reading this (*wink wink*).

Diner en Blanc (DeB) started 28 years ago in Paris by Francois Pasquier and 28 years after it started, Perth hosted its first white dinner at the newly established Elizabeth Quay (EQ). Contrary to what some people may have believed, it wasn’t a blogger only event and it wasn’t free as well.

There were three phases of registration that were opened for a very short period of time and the tickets were sold on a first come first serve basis. If you know the organiser then most likely you’d be able to snag a spot. Tickets cost $90 for 2 people (excluding food & beverages) with membership to DeB costs another $11.50 per person, although becoming a member doesn't guarantee you a spot at the next year's DeB event. 

Travel smart with Transperth ;-)

Guests were informed with a transportation schedule, team leader of the day as well as a programme of the event, all while the final destination still being kept in secrecy.

Team Leader extraordinaire: Shelby

We met with the rest of our team members at Murdoch Train Station and our team leader was Shelby West, who professionally arranged everyone to always stick together. This made it easier when the group set up tables and chairs at the venue too. Fortunately the weather on the day was really great because this event would have kept going rain or shine. No-shows will be banned from future events by the organiser.  

DeB’s guests had a chance to purchase drinks and food hampers from Ultimo Catering in advance which they need to pick up on the day before the start of the dinner. Alcoholic drinks can be ordered in advance too since no outside alcohol was permitted. Hubby and I planned to keep ours really simple because our objective was just to experience the whole thing.

This table prepared a lot of awesome looking home-made food and decorated their table well!

There's a competition for the best table at DeB Perth 2016!

All the food that we brought were all supermarket bought and prepared at home (total cost under $25).

  • Bread and corn chicken soup for entrée
  • Roast chicken, pasta salad and green salad for main
  • Wicked Sister’s pannacotta
  • 2 bottles of water
  • 2 white tea towel (for waving of the napkins event)

We borrowed our white chairs from a friend (free!), purchased a $2.50 white table cover and OzTrail outdoor table from Big W ($22). Hubby’s white shoes and shorts cost $31 from ASOS and my white skirt costs $19.96. Some people spent more than $500 for the whole event (ie. ticket, food, alcohol and clothing) so it’s important to plan in advance if you’re really keen to attend next year’s DeB Perth. One of the best moments of DeB was when everyone lit up their sparkler and waved it in the air. 

It is by no way a cheap event to attend but you also purchased an experience of a lifetime. One of the most important things to do on the night is to take some photos which weren’t intended to create jealousy among a group of friends (no, no, no) but as a proof that the dreamy ephemeral night happened with you in it.